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Hi! You might have come here from my previous blog, Inspirations from the Holy Land, or you may have just stumbled here from who-knows-where. Regardless, welcome. I can’t say I’ll write very often, as I’m fairly busy with real life (starting this blog is a touch of lunacy, honestly, but it’s really a favor to a few friends), but you can peek in a see what we’re up to here in Memphis, TN.

Who am I? Newly married, as of December 16, 2007, relocated to Memphis from St. Louis. My husband is finishing medical school this May. We find out on March 20 where we are going for his residency, so we are in a little bit of limbo here. I’m working full-time as a legal assistant and part-time as a piano teacher, and more than full-time as a homemaker and wife. It’s a lot to juggle, so you’ll understand when I’m absent for a spell.

Here are a few snapshots of our humble abode:

I would show you more of the kitchen, but it’s messy. :-)

So… that’s it for now. More to come.

Take care, all the best


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