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what’s cooking this week for Shabbos

This is the first week that we’re staying in all Shabbos. It’s not going to be too much work, however, since I’m just planning on making big portions and then also making cholent. So we’ll eat leftovers from Shabbos night during Shabbos day. Easy, I hope.

It’s a Chinese-themed Shabbos.

Fish: Asian BBQ Salmon Salad (From Kosher By Design: Short on Time)

Soup: Escarole Egg Drop Soup (ibid) – [I didn’t even know what Escarole was before I picked this recipe]

Main Course (something fleishig, a kugel and a salad, usually):
Kalmein (ibid)
Sesame spinach sushi (ibid)
Tofu-noodle kugel (Spice and Spirit)

Dessert: Chinese Almond Cookies (ibid)

And of course, Cholent for Shabbos day. :-)

I must say that these two cookbooks are fab. Beware of the KBD:SOT, though, for I’ve found a wide disparity between the prep time as listed in the book and the prep time as it occurs in my kitchen! But it’s a great book, nonetheless.

Okay – I have to finish up the shopping for the meal and then start making it! I begin early in the week since I work full-time – this way I don’t stay up too crazy late on Thursday night.

tell me about it!

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