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Pre-Pesach Prepping

Well, it hasn’t been as long of a lapse since I last wrote as I thought there was, which is somewhat of a relief. Nothing too much has changed; I’m still working, we’re still moving, I’m getting ready for Pesach (not much time left!).

We take a pilot trip to Cleveland May 2, IY”H, and we’ll hopefully find a place to live then. We’re going for Shabbos, which I’m looking forward to.

I’ve started packing already, since I’m anyways cleaning for Pesach, I thought it made sense to just start putting things away, to make life a little easier. Sundays are really the only day I have to work on this, and since two Sundays are taken by Pesach, and another by our pilot trip, it doesn’t leave much time!! But, it’ll be okay.

That’s it for now. Cranking away at the office (I’m on my lunch break), trying to focus while my thoughts are on the future. It’s a formidable challenge, but I think I’m doing okay. :-)


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