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Getting adjusted to not working has been a more formidable task than I realized it would be. The amount of self-discipline it takes to get up in the morning and get things . . . done, well, it’s more than I’m currently displaying. Slowly, slowly, I’m becoming more productive, but it’s at a ridiculously slow pace.

We had our first guest for Shabbos two weeks ago. He stayed over in our “guest room” (this is the room designed for office use in our basement which we decided to use as a guest room since it’s not really our taste for an office) and ate meals with us. I made the Friday night meal and we went over to the Steins for lunch. It was super-nice. He was a very polite, intelligent and engaging guest, and it was neat to see how my husband behaves as a host – a part of his personality which I haven’t gotten to see much of yet. One of the best parts for me was the motivation I felt to be doing things, like dishes, cleaning up, etc., etc. I mean, when there’s a guest in the house, I can’t exactly lounge around like I normally do.

It reminds me of an adage I heard: Treat your guests like family and your family like guests. I feel like I should be keeping the house immaculate for the sake of my husband. However, since I know that he doesn’t mind so very much, I slack off. So, we devised a plan in which I make a list of everything I need/want to do and I’m going to, G-d willing, do one thing per day. ONE THING.

I hope I’m successful.


2 thoughts on “Slacker….

  1. Oh, I work two days a week at a bookstore. It’s 11 hours total. That leaves plenty of time to accomplish nothing. It’s amazing how much work a house takes!

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