the amazing rotating baby show

Moshe has been performing a new trick: 180 degree turns in his bassinet. I’ll put him down facing south, and when I get him when he wakes up, he’s facing north. Last night he was facing north and also had turned onto his stomach. Except for him not quite mastering where to put that pesky arm which keeps getting in the way. Pity. Before too long, he’ll be rolling all over the place!

That’s all I got. I’m tired, and my brain is functioning on arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhwhaaaaaaaa mode. I know that there are coherent thoughts being muffled up there somewhere. Somewhere…

While I can’t conjure much cogitation, I’ll end with a little picture: Tonight while I was trying to finish making my husband’s lunch (and dinner and lunch – he’s on call), Moshe wasn’t content to sit in his seat and play. So I put on the Wrap and made the food, tidied up, etc. Little man watched all my actions, followed all my moves. I suppose when he gets bigger, he’ll be adept in the kitchen.


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