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um, july?

Mental note: make no more declarations of how frequently to blog. It’s not going to happen; it just doesn’t rank. Fine.

It seems that I’m always posting at unreasonable hours. I wish I could claim that it was the baby keeping me up. Wait, no, I don’t wish that at all.

What’s been happening? The question is more like: what hasn’t been happening? We moved to our new apartment just before July 1st and we’re still very much in boxes, though things are slowly beginning to take shape. We took a trip to Cincinnati the weekend after we moved, which was fantastic. My parents were visiting my godmother, Dee (hi Dee!) and her s.o., and my husband had an extremely rare three-day weekend, so we took advantage and made the trek down.

Poor Moshe, though, being left with sitters relatively frequently for the two weeks before the move, then moving to a new place, and then taking a road trip. He was not a happy baby. Not one bit. Last week was trying, but the past three days he’s calmed down a bit. I’m hoping, nay, praying, that he’ll be more chilled out and scheduled this coming week so I can actually get some work done.

What else? I have several pending piano students, which is great. I’m looking for some clarinet students as well. And, as always, looking for some gigs. I miss playing and am very much looking forward to getting back into things. Though not during the Three Weeks, of course.


By the way, for those of you who are actually reading this, it’d be nice to give a shout out so that I know this is not just a colossal waste of my early-morning time. Much appreciated!


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