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Plans and Planning

This is what consumes my day.  Plans, planning to plan, revising plans, feeling guilty about not planning enough, or not accomplishing what was planned etc.

There are seemingly little things, like remembering to move the laundry to the dryer so I don’t have to wash it again, or bringing the right color pen to rehearsal so I can grade the papers which I need to hand back on Thursday.

There are medium things, like making sure the baby has enough food for his whole day at the sitter, or making sure I have enough food for my whole day at rehearsal.

There are big things, like allotting enough time to clean to Pesach and packing appropriately for the week-long trip to the in-laws.

What determines if a task is big or small?  Partially the ramifications if it is not achieved, and partially the amount of time and organization it takes to plan..  For instance, if I don’t bring the right color pen I can always grade the papers later.  Annoying, but not devastating.  However, if I don’t remember to pack enough food for the baby, the sitter may have to use her own food, and that’s hardly fair.  Planning for Pesach cleaning takes time for planning and for executing.

That’s it.  Just musing.

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