The Challenge

Okay, so I’m challenging myself to do two things to strengthen my marriage.  We’re already very happily married, mind you, and I intend to keep it that way.  What two things am I going to strive for?

1) Look nice for my husband when he comes home.  This means that however I look when I’m going out of the house to someplace I care about (not always the case), that’s how I’m going to look when he comes home.  Cute outfit, sheitel (translate: hair done nicely), makeup and perfume.

2) Have dinner ready on time.  This may or may not be when he walks through the door.  No matter, I will try to have it ready when he needs and wants it.

These two small items have been somewhat challenging for me over the past two-and-a-half years.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like pulling myself together.  Sometimes it’s just comfier and easier to stay in shlumpy clothing and to put off making dinner.

However, I remember my teachers at Neve stressing the importance of these two acts of kindness.  That it

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does make a difference to a husband if his wife makes more of an effort to look nice outside the house than for him, or if his tummy is rumbling, but his wife is busy perusing Facebook (ugh, guilty as charged).

So, I’m going to try this challenge for two weeks and see how it goes.  Someday I’m also going to try to never be on the computer when he walks through the door, but I’m not ready for that challenge just yet!


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