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As usual, Rabbi Moshe Chalkowski doles out simple, practical and brilliant advice.  After reading his latest Questions & Answers email, one particular eitzah jumped out at me:


Question 3: How can I learn to become neat and organized?  My entire life has been one big organizational bad habit.

Answer 3:
Organization is basically three areas. One is in one’s thoughts, but that can be too hard to work on.  Second is time management.  For this, every day, at the beginning of the day or perhaps the night before, make a list of all you are going to do that day and then cut it in half.  Third is the house.  Take one room, preferably the one with the least furniture, and always keep it in order. Besides this, fix a certain time each day to tidy up the house. [emphasis mine]


Yes, yes, and yes.  I have often wondered what I can do to help keep my house more in order.  In general I’m pretty neat, but things get out of hand so easily, and before I realize, it’s chaotic.  The table is completely obscured by miscellaneous items.  Where did it go?  It’s buried under procrastination!  I can barely see the desk for the unsorted mail!  We won’t even discuss the kitchen…

I don’t function well when things are so messy (who does, really?), so having a simple and easy-to-apply plan of action is so welcome!  Thanks Rabbi Chalkowski!

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