Communcating, or not.

It’s funny how sometimes I think I’m being entirely clear, and then I realize that what I said could be interpreted completely differently from how it is in my head.

For instance, as we were pulling out of our driveway for our recent road trip, I realized that I needed to eat a little more for breakfast.  There were some muffins in the back seat, but I couldn’t get to them until we stopped at a gas station (first thing on our agenda).  So I said,

“I’m going to get a muffin when we stop at the gas station on Taylor.”

This made total sense to me, but when I saw my husband going in the opposite direction from Taylor (where the nearest gas station could be found), I asked him, somewhat irately (I was really hungry), where he was going.  It turns out that he didn’t even hear me say “Taylor” because he was trying to figure out why I would get a muffin at a gas station when we had perfectly good muffins in the backseat!  Here is the what I should have said:

“I’m going to get a muffin from the backseat when we stop at the gas station at Taylor.”

The simple addition of the words “from the backseat” would have made all the difference.  Go figure!


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