the Prenatal Predicament

When I was expecting Little Man, I was pretty good about remembering to take my prenatal vitamins.  Those big, gnarly pills ensured that my baby was getting all the nutrients necessary to grow big and strong.  Right?

This pregnancy, practically every time I have taken those mammoth pills, I have yakked.  Strong, horrid waves of nausea followed by some quality time in the bathroom.  I have switched brands three times.  I have tried smaller pills, smaller doses.  They all make me nauseous.  The irony is that I haven’t felt sick at all during this pregnancy except when I took my vitamins.

So, understandably, I stopped taking them.  It wasn’t exactly a conscious decision, I just “forgot.”  Repeatedly.  I felt guilty every time I thought about it, but hey, I really didn’t want to throw up again.  And then I discovered that I am not the only one.  When ladies would ask me how I was feeling, I would say things like,

“Oh, great, thank G-d, except when I take my prenatals.”  (It’s actually kind of funny that I would feel the need to even mention the pills, since I really wasn’t ever taking them).

Time after time, the women I was speaking with would confide in me that they too, did not take the pills.  And their children were fine.

What prompted this post?  I tried to be good and took my vitamins this morning and almost yakked.  Mercifully, I was able to eat some starchy food in time to stave off the actual event, and I feel good once more.  Phew!

Anyone else have crazy vitamin experiences?  Dish, dish!



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5 thoughts on “the Prenatal Predicament

  1. Isn’t it funny that the world gave us i-phones, droid phones, gps, etc, etc–but can’t make a smaller vitamin pill? The pills I managed to keep down were gel capsules (my last pregnancy was over 20 years ago, so I don’t know if these exist still). I was cutting my calcium pills in half with a pill-cutter! I can’t believe it isn’t possible for the pill peeps to improve their product!

  2. I hope you don’t mind if I comment (and read) even though I’ve never experienced this. But I grew up with a mother who was very into vitamins and she used to try to get me to take a whole bunch, especially cuz I wasn’t a bit eater….and I just couldn’t. I tried being good about it, but I would also get so nauseous and gag on all those numerous vitamins she wanted me to shove down my throat. So you have my sympathy :-).

    Also, question: does it help to take it sporadically? I always thought it’s either be consistent or nothing at all….

  3. I know! I was *just* discussing this with one of my cousins. How is it that so many women I know do not take these pills because they are so, um, vile, and yet prenatal companies have not made a more palatable pill?!

    I did find some smaller pills that a friend gave me, which still make me a little nauseous, but if I eat something right away, it helps. sheesh.

  4. @ SIR (that’s kind of funny, isn’t it?) – I was thinking that it’s probably better to take them regularly, but I still take them when I remember/feel like it because it makes me feel better emotionally. Less guilty and all. :)

  5. I think I get queasy any time I take ANY vitamin on an empty stomach, pregnant or not. I was trying to get pregnant for a few months beforehand, so I started taking them before I was pregnant and I really believe that helped tremendously having my system be used to them before the little “parasites” got hold of me. With my first pregnancy, I had morning sickness for SEVEN months! I barely put any weight on because I was nauseous/dry-heaving/throwing up all the time, so I made it a point to take my prenatal vitamin because I was so afraid baby would get nothing but ramen noodles if I didn’t!

    I’m sure you get a lot of nutrients from the good things you eat, and it’s actually better to get them that way anyway!

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