Things newborns like to do

Waiting for a clean diaper to make it dirty

I change his diaper and once he’s covered with the nice, clean, dry diaper, he makes a poo, and I have to change him again before putting him down to nap.  It’s like he has a preference for a non-wet diaper for his bathroom needs.  What’s with that?  I’m burning through diapers twice as fast here.  Well, change him afterward, you might say.  It happens to be that this baby is a bit of a sleepyhead, so I need to change him to wake him up enough that he will nurse adequately.  Gah!

Waiting for mommy to lay down for a nap to start crying

Sure, he can nap very nicely during the day when I’m taking care of Little Man, but when I decide to lay down for some much-needed shut-eye, he decides that he’s uncomfortable, or his pacifier falls out of his mouth.  Every.  Nine.  Minutes. It’s like the snooze alarm, but I’m not the one pressing the button.

Falling asleep while nursing

It’s cute.  It’s yummy.  It’s cuddly.  It makes nursing last twice as long, which is fine, unless there’s a toddler needing attention, or it’s three in the morning.  Really, though, I don’t mind.  It’s  delicious and snuggly.  while I was in recovery, one of the residents told me that if you stick something in a newborn’s mouth, they fall asleep.  That wasn’t the case with Little Man, so this is a new experience for me.

Striking unintentionally cute poses

just look at that pose!

I know that my baby is too little to be smiling or assuming cute positions, but he still does it, and I love it!  Sometimes his hands just find the right position and he is picture perfect.  Scrumptious.  And I don’t care that the smiling is on account of gas. It’s still extremely cute.

Snuggling up to mommy

When my baby is feeling uncomfortable, and pulling his little skinny leggies up to his chest and crying, all I need to do is pick him up and pat him on the back, and he snuggles right up to me.  His little head lies on my shoulder, his little arms rest on my arms and chest, he takes his little breaths and I can inhale his baby scent and all is right in the world.

6 thoughts on “Things newborns like to do

  1. I loved the “Waiting for mommy to lay down for a nap to start crying” number. I kinda lucked out that Stephanie is a big morning sleeper because mommy is not an early riser, and she also enjoys long Shabbat naps! The beginning is really tough though because everything (you know, the household) seems to revolve around Really Little Man’s bowel movements and the whole “gas” issue.
    Re: diaper changing…Being new parents and totally clueless, we would sometimes do a 3 nappy streak: As soon as I got a new one on, the baby goes potty. I go to change it again and as I’m wiping, she goes pee right before I can get a clean one under her tushy. So then I would have to change her nappy and onsie! It can get expensive. So now-a-days I put a clean one under the dirty one before I take the old one off so that we won’t end up with a puddle.

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