Grilled Cheese and Jalapeno Sandwich

This sandwich came about because I didn’t have any tomatoes in the house.  You see, normally I enjoy my grilled cheese sandwiches with some sliced tomatoes and mayo.  Mmmmmm.  So, not that day.  No tomatoes to be had.  I did have jalapenos, though, since I still haven’t given them to Nikki Flores.  I was a little nervous because the jar said that the peppers were HOT.  HOT!! Was I ruining my sandwich because of a desire for a little pizzaz?

Thankfully, no.  It was a delicious sandwich, with a nice kick.  A meal with a little attitude.  It seems like unassuming grub, but when you bite into a pepper – Whammo!  I was quite pleased.

open face
it may not look super appetizing, but do not be deceived!
meal, grilled cheese sandwich, sandwish
After the taste test...success!

multi-grain bread

cheddar cheese


sliced jalapenos

taco seasoning

sweet paprika


garlic powder

8 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese and Jalapeno Sandwich

  1. Haha! As soon as I saw the title to your post, I thought about the jalapenos. No worries! Thanks for the shout-out on the blog. They’re also yummy in salads and on top of nachos. =)

  2. You r amazing! I need you to come run my life. btw Dmitry reads your blog! He loves it. And he is in awe of how tech savvy u r. “Omgosh she’s even on G+!!”

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