Life in What Lane?

When I started this blog I was only married, no children yet.  Now that I have kids (whoa. kids. plural. still not used to that), and that’s practically all I blog about, I feel like this blog should really be called Life in the Mommy Lane, or Life in the Parenting Lane. Or sometimes I feel like it should be called Life in the Torah Lane. Right now, it’s Life in the I Really Have To Go Grocery Shopping Lane…

Also, I realize that lifeinthemarriedlane.com is really long and awkward to type (sorry, everyone), and that I should think of some cute, clever and, most importantly, short and easily remembered name.  Unfortunately, I’m not great at coming up with things like that.  Don’t worry, I’m not planning on changing this address any time soon (I mean, I just switched over from Blogger in August, so I’m good for a while), but just out of curiosity, what are some names/words that you would pick?

Speaking of curiosity, I checked out rivki.com (makes sense, right?) to see if that domain name was taken.  It was, and look how cute it is!  Shame that I can’t use it, but at least it’s something nice, right?

Okay, I really do need to go grocery shopping.  The larders are pretty bare.

6 thoughts on “Life in What Lane?

  1. Personally, I’m for keeping lifeinthemarriedlane.com, because, you were married first, and, although a lot of your posts are about your beautiful boys, you definitely focus on the relationship stuff, too. I think many of us, once we become mommies, forget that the marriage, although not as loud and attention grabbing as the babies, is just as important. You can be married without being a mommy, but you can’t be (or normally don’t want to be) a mommy without being married.

    Just my $.02.

  2. Married lane does take a backseat to going to the store lane! Pretty funny. That jump from 1 to 2 kids is a biggie! Keep thinking on it and maybe you’ll come up with something you like better…who knows. There is much to be said for brand recognition!

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