It’s like a three-ring circus over here

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That’s how it feels sometimes to have two kids under the age of two.

[spotlight on Ring #1.  The emcee’s voice rings out over the stadium]

In the first ring we have our toddler, Little Man, awake and ready to face the day!  Who will get him from his crib?  What will he have for breakfast?  He’s requesting Kix!  And waffles!  And juice!  Mommy is going to the fridge for the cereal and milk, and to put the waffles in the toaster oven as Little Man takes his place at the table.

[spotlight on Ring #2.  Spotlight remains on Ring #1.  Mommy rushes between the rings]

In the second ring is the baby, slightly drowsy from a early-morning snack which was interrupted by Little Man’s awakening.  Will he stay quiet in his bouncy seat or will he make his presence known?  Will the pacifier stay in his mouth?  No!  It’s rolling down towards his feet!  Mommy is replacing it after delivering the cereal to Little Man.

[spotlight on Ring #3.  Spotlight remains on previous two rings.  Mommy continues her bustling]

In the third ring is Tatty, getting ready to daven and go to work.  Will Mommy make his lunch in time?  Will it include a note to bring a smile to his face?  Yes!  The sandwich is in the toaster oven and the couscous is cooking on the stove!  There will be food!  And a note!

As I, Mommy, am running from ring to ring meeting the needs of my family, I am also trying to make myself presentable, drink my coffee, daven, and eat breakfast.  It was three hours this morning of non-stop action.  Whew!

Some of you have larger families than I, and have to get your kids ready to go to school in the morning.  To you I say “Wow!”  “Nice job!”  “I’m impressed!” and  “How do you do it?”

Really, all of my mommying in the morning (and the rest of the day) is very manageable.  I enjoy it.  It’s kind of fun when I am able to relax and enjoy my boys.  I guess it is also like the circus insofar as I’m balancing between enjoyment (when the baby coos and smiles), suspense (will Little Man finish his breakfast?), fascination (are the baby’s eyes changing color?) and thrills (when Little Man climbs up on . . . anything).

It’s the greatest show on earth.


6 thoughts on “It’s like a three-ring circus over here

  1. I’ve been there, I understand completely. My kids are 14th months apart. It does get easier as they get a little older. Not much, but a little easier. Either that or you just better at juggling. :)

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