Having a toddler means being crazy flexible

my reason for going with the flow

No, I don’t mean doing backbends or advanced yoga.  Toddler flexibility means going with the flow.  Nap or no nap?  Are bananas on today’s food blacklist, or will they be accepted?  How many times can I sing the same song without going a little cuckoo?

I still hold by the importance of scheduling, and we have established a certain flow to the day, mainly revolving around food.  That said, there are some details which have changed:

For instance, the massive naptime in the afternoon has gone bye-bye.  While you may think it’s masochistic to eliminate my toddler’s nap when I have a two-and-a-half-month old, I found it much more stressful to attempt to accomplish everything I needed to in the morning hours, before Little Man went to nap.  He didn’t always fall asleep, you see.  Sometimes he entertained himself by jumping around wildly in his crib.  Not exactly down time.

Also, the laptop is now closed almost all the time.  Little Man is far too fascinated with it, and has put it into computer limbo more than a few times (it’s not off, but it’s not on.  How does he even do it?  I don’t know), so in the interest of not buying a new laptop, it stays closed (hence my inability to visit my favorite blogs – sorry!).  So if you need to reach me urgently, please pick up the phone (it’s like the Stone Age over here).

In addition to normal toddler management, I also have baby management and schedule to contend with.  This means that I am sometimes preparing food for Little Man while the baby is eating.  It’s astonishing how much I can accomplish with one hand.  I should go for a Guinness Record or something.

The main flexibility, though, is mental.  It’s acknowledging that just when that routine gets set, and there is a sort of comfortable rhythm to the day, it’s all gonna change.  Again.  And again.  And again…

9 thoughts on “Having a toddler means being crazy flexible

  1. Yeah, how do you even have time to write up blog posts? That’s amazing of you!

    And I’m also learning how to do things with one hand, it’s cool to see how much I can do – it’s a skill and a talent!

  2. I’m always impressed that you manage so well. Just one can sometimes be hard enough! I remember after mine was born, I knew I had made it as a mom when I could wash dishes with one hand while holding her. Kudos to you!

    1. Oh, consistency. That’s trickier. We decided to pick one thing to focus on at a time (like not playing with our phones/having a major tantrum when mommy answers the phone instead of giving it to Little Man to play, etc.). That helps. Then I don’t have to remember much to be consistent on at a time. I’m getting a fair amount of sleep. I could use more, but it’s enough for now.

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