You’re really a housewife, aren’tcha?

Huisvrouw met mattenklopper / Housewife with c...
No, I just vacuum my rugs, thanks. (Image by Nationaal Archief via Flickr)

After Shabbos, I had the opportunity to speak with my “Aunt” Ruth (she’s really my mom’s aunt, which makes her, what, my great-aunt?  I don’t know.  We just call her Aunt Ruth).  It was just a quick on-and-off conversation, you know, some how-are-you-doings and how’s-the-weathers.  In between the requisite niceties, she mentioned that my mom had told her how much I cook and bake, and how busy I am with my little men.  Then she said it:

“You’re really a housewife, arent’cha?  You love it, don’tcha?”

Now, Aunt Ruth is the quintessential housewife.  Up early in the morning to make a hot breakfast for her family, making everything from scratch, and constantly concerned with how well-fed her loved ones are.

The answer to both of her questions is yes.  I am, and I do love it.  Sometimes I don’t even want to leave my house.  It’s just so warm and comfy in here.

Her comment was reinforced later in the evening, as I was baking up a batch of cookies for a few guests who were coming over, and I thought to myself  “hmmm, I should really have some dough in the freezer that I could just pop in the oven in a pinch.”

Why is this notable?  Well, only seven years ago I was a wandering, bohemian musician, playing clarinet in front of independently owned bookstores, having rigorous philosophical debates with grad students, collaborating on the spot at open mic nights.  What I was not doing was thinking about settling down, much less strategizing about the fastest way to make cookies for guests.

And here I am, with my apron and gloves, spit-up on my shoulder, house slippers on my feet, happy as can be.  Who would’ve thunk it?  Not me, that’s for sure.

When Aunt Ruth made those comments, I had the feeling that  I was connecting with her, and all the other old-school housewives from that era, despite the difference in time and backgrounds.  It was kind of epic.

What are some ways your life is unexpectedly different?


6 thoughts on “You’re really a housewife, aren’tcha?

  1. I laughed when I read this post. I grew up wanting to be a stay-at-home mom. But, I’ve never had the desire to be a housewife. I somewhat enjoy cooking but baking and organizing tend to allude me. Well, I’m happy with who I am and that’s what’s important.

  2. That’s really amazing that you were able to make such a major change in your life. I’d love to read more about what helped you along and how you got to be where you are today…if you want to share it over here!

    It’s unbelievable to look back just a few years ago and see how much changed – b”h for the better! Good for you!

    And I don’t know how people stay home all day with their kids – it’s really something! I am home all week with 2 kids – because we haven’t gotten the car out of the piles of snow surrounding it so SB couldn’t go to the babysitter and b”h I’m managing – but that’s with help from my husband, younger sis and neighbor! I can’t imagine doing it all on my own!!

    1. It really is amazing, when I stop to think about it. It all happened somewhat gradually, you know?

      Oh, the snow can definitely throw a kink in any plans to leave the house! It is definitely challenging. Little Man goes to a short (2-hours) playgroup twice a week, and sometimes I leave the baby with a sitter to go grocery shopping. That helps break up the difficulty. Good luck with the snow situation!

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