Little Man is two today!

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It’s true!  Today is Little Man’s second birthday.  He was born on inauguration day.  Here’s  bit of weird trivia:  Our other baby was born in September, but at the exact time that former president Jimmy Carter was in the hospital – the same hospital, mind you – for a little health scare on his book tour.  So we have a presidential theme going on with our family.

We’re not doing much for Little Man’s birthday (he’s only two, after all), but this morning he “helped” me make some brownies (he mastered the art of pouring things into the mixing bowl.  He even helped me stir!), and then we went to the Cleveland Children’s Museum.   I left the baby with the sitter (thanks F!), and spent some alone time with the birthday boy.

In the museum, there’s one room with has rotating exhibits.  Currently, they’ve turned it into a giant sandbox, complete with a Sphinx sand sculpture (they’re calling the exhibit Egyptian Sands), plenty of shovels, buckets, toy alligators, tunnels, see-saws, chairs (for the adults), and so on.  He spent about an hour playing in the sand.  Jumping, pouring, digging, dumping.  Oh, was he a happy boy.

It’s amazing seeing  him play and interact.  He’s a big watcher, this one.  He loves to observe other children, other adults, check out the situation, and then make his decision.  He’s always been like that.  He also loves to jump.   Jump jump jump.  We played a little game where I covered his feet with sand and then he wiggled them out.  To be amused by the simplest things; it’s the best!

After we came back home, I thought it would be fun to decorate the brownies together, but really, he just wanted to eat them, so I decorated and he munched.  It worked for me.  That’s life, right?  We have to be flexible.

I’m glad we’re not doing a big thing.  First of all, he’s too little to really appreciate it, or even understand it.  Birthday?  What’s that?  Second, I’ve been so busy lately that I don’t have the energy to do any party planning (or cleaning-uping), and finally, I really hope to keep things simple in our family.  I mean things like simchas.  Simple.  That’s my plan, so just a little party among ourselves is in keeping with that ideology.

I’d love to be able to include some adorable pictures of our family togetherness tonight, but I, in continued moments of weakness, let Little Man play with our digital camera.  Not a great Mommy move there, I really recommend NOT doing that.  Yes, our camera is no more.  It’s broken in that special way that only toddlers can do.  So we’re taking pictures today with real film.  Whoa.  We’ll have to get them developed.  Maybe I’ll scan some in.  I love that scanning a photo feels old-fashioned.  Funny.

So if anyone has good recommendations for cameras, we’re in the market.  And for Little Man’s birthday?  We’re going to get him a toy camera.


12 thoughts on “Little Man is two today!

  1. Happy Birthday Little Man. I think that theres something to be said for simple birthdays, where theres good clean fun. My best memories are those where my birthday involved a cake, lots of laughter, jumping through sprinklers and messing around! Cant wait for the photos!

  2. Wowee! Happy Birthday to LM!!
    It’s amazing what can keep a toddler entertained – those little things (and anything with buttons or wires)!

    Sorry about the camera – hope you get a good one to replace it. Canon makes really good cameras…as long as you are going to develop your pictures and not just leave them on the computer :-)

  3. Happy Birthday, Little Man! Sounds like a wonderful day!

    I had a cell phone break in that special way. And yet, I still let my toddler play with my phone. Apparently I never learn.

    We have both a kid’s camera and a kid’s “ipod” (called the Sweetpea) that we give two thumbs up to – if you want recommendations on those.

  4. happy bday! Sounds like yo had a great day… yes. i too learnt the hard way. My toddler also put our old canon out of commission. I got a panasonic Lumix instead, not that thrilled. I think I still am a canon fan.

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