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OMG I’m on KOAB!

I am over the moon to have a guest post today on Kosher on a  Budget, which is one of my absolute favorite blogsEver.

Really, if you haven’t clicked on one of those links yet, do it now!  There are loads of great posts about saving money, budgeting, a coupon database, links to sales, free shipping, other money-saving opportunities, and it’s cute and fun to read!  My post today is about one of my favorite things – cloth diapering.

If you’ve popped over here from KOAB (Hi!  Thanks for visiting!) here are some posts you may enjoy:

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8 thoughts on “OMG I’m on KOAB!

  1. You should be honored. KOAB is in fact one of the most practical blogs I have found. Congratulations to you!
    And an even bigger congratulations for mastering the science of cloth diapering. I have 4 kids and still have not made that leap. I know it would save me bundles of money and also protect the environment. Maybe this post will give me the push I need.
    – Rivki

  2. Thanks, Rivki. The biggest challenge for me is that I work full time so my kids are at the babysitter most of the time. I couldn’t ask a babysitter to deal with cloth diapers and it doesn’t seem worth the hassle just for the hours they are home and weekends.

    1. That’s an important consideration. I usually recommend all-in-ones for the sitter (’cause they’re the closest to disposables), but since they’re pricier, you’d have to really sit down and see how it works out. It’s possible to find a sitter who’s friendly to cloth, but it’s definitely not for everyone!!

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