Perspectives of Marriage

Perspectives of Marriage Series

As you probably know by now (and are probably tired of hearing about), my life is about to get even more hectic than it already is.  Since I don’t anticipate being able to post as frequently as usual until this concert is over, I had intended to simply bring back some of my older posts that I thought may be interesting.

Well, when I saw that I had nearly 100 views on Saturday night (really?  wow!), I realized that I needed a better solution for you, my readers (though you are certainly welcome to peruse the archives).

So, I thought it would be nice to put together different takes on married life. I sent out emails to some of my favorite bloggers and writers, and was delighted by the absolutely positive response.  It’s going to be a whole series on perspectives of marriage.

We’ll have posts from newlyweds to experienced wives; from America to Israel; from bloggers you may know to ones you probably don’t (yet).

It’s gonna be AWESOME.

Stay tuned for the first post, written by the savvy and fashionable Juliya Sheynman (she’s a regular on LadyMama), which will be up on Wednesday.

If you would like to contribute, please contact me!  The more the merrier!

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