Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: Better Late than Never

Sometimes it seems like life moves so quickly that I miss opportunities in the rush of the daily grind.  Like making that phone call to a friend who I know is lonely.  Or apologizing for a potential slight inadvertently caused.  Or sending a thank you card for a kindness done a few months ago.

In Pirkei Avos, the fourteenth saying in the first chapter is:

[Hillel] used to say:  If I am not for myself, who will be for me?  And if I am for myself, what am I?  And if not now, when?

Right.  If not now, when?  Later?  When is later?  For me, later is usually never.  And sometimes never can be problematic, like if I run into someone who I’ve been meaning to call for a long, long, lonnnnnng time, then half the time I’m interacting with them, I’m feeling guilt for never calling.  This happens more than I would like to admit.

So, the next time I’m putting something off for no good reason (’cause, really, I actually have at least two very good reasons things may not get done), I’m going to try, bli neder, to actually do it.  Like writing this Torah Tuesdays post, even though Tuesday is almost over.

Reason #2
Reason #1

13 thoughts on “Torah Tuesdays: Better Late than Never

  1. 2 excellent and understandable reasons for not doing some other trivialities. Your the only mom. Enjoy every second. They actually do grow up! There will be time later trust me.

    1. I definitely do enjoy my boys, no question there! However, I don’t think that I can really use my mommying as a reason for why I won’t hesitate to pick up the phone to talk to my mom, but not to someone who I “keep meaning to call,” you know? Or to sit and write some thank-you notes in the evening instead of vegging out. That’s all.

  2. My life is about flexibility. When there is time and inclination there is greater contact with friends. I know that it is the same with them and there are no hard feelings.

  3. Love your Torah Tuesdays! There’s always something to learn!!

    It’s hectic and busy being a mommy (along with all the other responsibilities that come with the whole package) but keeping this thought in your head will help you get things done…pushing things off is easy but getting them done is rewarding! You choose!!

  4. I so relate to this post. Earlier in my life, I was the most organized and efficient person I knew. Now it seems like I am always getting sidetracked by one thing or another. Why is it so hard to actually sit down and do what’s on my to-do list? At least I know I will never run out of things to work on!

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