Torah Tuesdays

Torah Tuesdays: Freedom!

I suspect that most everyone is busy busy busy with Passover preparations, since the first seder is in t-minus six days (insert heart palpitations here).  That’s why I’m keeping this week’s post short.

Passover is referred to as the “Time of our Freedom,” which, in the most obvious sense, could mean freedom from bondage in Egypt.  On a deeper level, it can also mean freeing ourselves from our own personal slavery.  This time of year is especially conducive to freeing ourselves from whatever is enslaving us.  Maybe it’s procrastination, maybe it’s anger, maybe it’s laziness.  This is an ideal time of year to start kicking the habit.  I had a friend once who took the opportunity to stop biting her nails, for instance.

What are you going to free yourself from?

8 thoughts on “Torah Tuesdays: Freedom!

  1. It’s interesting your write this because I’ve noticed lately that I feel as if I’m freeing myself from some chain in my life. I do think it’s symbolic it’s happening at Passover. I’m looking forward to reflecting on this more. Thank you for the inspiration. And good luck preparing!

  2. I love this idea, and only learned of it recently, which is amazing to me, since I grew up celebrating Passover my whole life. This dimension adds such a spiritual element to the holiday. I’ve made a list of my spiritual chomitz (sp?) and have really been thinking about it. To name just a couple, I am seeking freedom from friendships that are not healthy for me, and from my own body image/food issues mishegas.

  3. Ironically, Passover preparations are the one thing that always make me feel enslaved. I find the end of the holiday quite liberating. Sorry.
    Wishing you and your family all the best over the holidays.

    1. Sindy – those sound like great goals! I think you can spell chometz however you like. There don’t seem to be any hard rules for transliteration (as far as I can tell)
      FrozenChallah – you are definitely not alone in your feeling of cleaning enslavement! Hope you get to enjoy your Pesach a bit, despite the preparations. :)
      A – Thanks for visiting and commenting, and here’s to a good future!

  4. I love the real meaning behind these celebration/traditions/stories that I have heard about. Thanks for this blog!

    I am hoping that this passover is my time of freedom from all past heartaches about babies and a brand new future!!! :)

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