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Keeping the mitzvos in mind

When I was a seminary (and immediately post-seminary) girl, I spent a lot of time preparing for the different holidays that arise during the Jewish year.  I would attend classes, read books, refresh myself on the laws of the specific holiday, and, in general, imbue my experience with as much meaning as I could.  I remember thinking that it would ALWAYS be like that and I would NEVER do the mitzvos without massive amounts of concentration and intention.

Hahahaahahhahahaaaahahaha.  Aahhhhhhh.  Whew.

This morning we burnt whatever chametz that was leftover before the start of Pesach.  I said the phrase which nullifies my possession of chometz.  But I said it kind of as an afterthought, and, frankly, I didn’t even remember that we said it until I was saying it.  This seems to have become a sort of entropic trend in my life as of late – do the mitzvah first, think about it later.

So, here’s my question:  How does one stay focused on the mitzvos when the mundanities of life loom large?  What are your strategies for keeping the mitzvos in mind?

7 thoughts on “Keeping the mitzvos in mind

  1. I don’t think I’m probably the one to answer that question just yet! I’ll let you know in a couple of years ;)

    That said, I just wanted to check in with you and see how the move went. Are you enjoying the new place and community? We’ll be moving the last week of May… perhaps we will run into one another!

    1. Elle – we can compare notes in a few years. :) We’re actually still in our old place, but we have a moving date (late June) and an apartment! Yay! Best wishes for your move, too.

      Meirkids – thanks for the reminder. Good, classic advice that I will, bli neder, try to implement! I’ll check out your site.

  2. It is no secrete but still a good advice:

    Make a constant Daily Limud Torah Time – could be 15m or 1hr a day – (Kvius Itim) and whenever a holyday comes by (or when you have some special Mitzvah ahead) use (Half) this time to learn about this Mitzva.

    If you have kids – you’re welcome to check my site ,it can teach some great Jewish ideas for your kids in a fun way – by watching videos.

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