Bear with me here

I recently decided to try a new approach to responding to your comments (which I totally love, so please keep ’em coming!).  Instead of responding to each comment individually, I’m going to attempt to reply only once a day to each post.  It’s not that I don’t love and appreciate your comment, ’cause I definitely do.  It’s more that I don’t always feel like I have what to say in response, but I don’t want to respond to some commenters and not others, lest feelings get hurt.

That said, transitions are always a little awkward, and I’m still sorting out how this is going to play out.  So, please know that I’m so happy that you’re reading and commenting, and I appreciate your patience with me as I try this new approach.  I may or may not stick with it.  We’ll see.

8 thoughts on “Bear with me here

  1. I personally prefer responding to comments in group rather than to each one individually because sometimes it’s hard to come up with the right thing to say to each person without sounding repetitive.
    Also, I don’t always have time to respond to comments on my own blog (reading other blogs and keeping up my own is enough to keep me busy) so you are really good that you do both – write posts and respond to comments!!

  2. Good for you that you are able to do that!

    I’m not as good as you when it comes to comments on my blog – I don’t get to respond to each and every one. It depends how busy I am and how easy/hard it is to respond to the questions/comments people have.

    Though of course I appreciate each comment!!

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