Around the web & Picture of the week: Dangerous Dinner

This week was kind of a blur (more so than usual, that is), so I don’t remember much of what I saw online.  I’m also woefully behind on my blog reading, however, I can share the following:

Mara at Kosher on a Budget has a moving post on ways you can help the victims of the tornado in Joplin, MO.  If you click on any link today, it should be this one.

An extremely funny post about trying to communicate to a working spouse what it’s like to be a SAHM mom made its rounds on Facebook.

Jew in the City answered this difficult question about being “abandoned” by G-d.

I got some super-cute diaper accessories for my purse from PishPoshMommy via ScoopMama, so I no longer have to use an old crumpled up plastic shopping bag to tote my diaper supplies in.  I love traveling in style (and I got a great deal, too!).

And, for a shameless plug, I had a couple of posts around the web this week, one on being a Rock-Star Mommy (at LadyMama) and another on how to be a good Shabbos guest (at the Golden Rule).  Enjoy!


Calzones (from Jamie Geller’s Quick and Kosher cookbook) were on last night’s menu.  As I was chopping up the fresh parsley (yum), I also chopped part of my finger (ouch!).  I did a number on it apparently, since it didn’t stop bleeding for an hour.  My husband, the doctor, was home, but all he could really do was tell me to keep applying pressure (hey, I knew that anyways).  I was tempted to take a picture of the digit’s damage, but my husband pointed out that perhaps my readers would be put off by the graphic image (you can thank him later).  So, I took a picture of one of the calzones for which I made such a sacrifice.  Here it is:

it was so worth it

Have a great Shabbos!

3 thoughts on “Around the web & Picture of the week: Dangerous Dinner

  1. Thanks for all the links!

    And wow, that calzone looks delish! What’s inside it (besides the fresh parsley)?!
    Hope your finger is feeling better by now :-)

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