Women Who Inspire Us

Women Who Inspire Us #3: Mrs. Toby Friedman

Today’s post is the third in the Women Who Inspire Us Series.  You can read the previous posts here, in case you haven’t seen them yet.  You may also want to subscribe to my RSS feed, or “like” my Facebook page to catch the upcoming posts.  As always, if you would like to share your inspiration by participating in the series, please contact me.

Ruchi Koval is from Cleveland, OH.  She is a mother and runs a Jewish education organization with her husband.  She has a fantastic blog that you should go and read.  She also happens to be a good friend of mine IRL,  and I’m so happy and flattered that she took the time out of her (very) busy schedule to share her inspirational woman.  Thanks, Ruchi!!

1)  Who is a women you find inspirational?

Mrs. Toby Friedman.

2)  What is her relationship to you?

She is my paternal grandmother.

3)  Where did you meet her?


4)  When did you meet her?  Do you think the timing of your meeting affected her impact on you?

I grew up with her in my life!

4)  What is inspirational about her (it can be more than one thing, i.e. personality, actions, overcoming hardships)?  Can you share a specific memory (or more than one)?

She has the most awesome personality.  She is a Holocaust survivor and lost almost her entire family.  She lost two husbands and a son (my father) when he was 30.  Despite this, she is the most upbeat, optimistic, complimentary person with the most incredible zest for life.

5)  How has this inspiration affected your life?  Do you think it has made you a better person?  How so?

I hope, wish, and flatter myself to be like her.  Yes, I do think so.  Firstly hopefully some genetic material has seeped through :) But also, if she can be this incredible after what she’s been through, seriously!!! I can be a happy chick too.

6)  When do you find yourself thinking of this person?  How do you feel when you think about her?

I think of her often.  I feel good.  Getting older, losing loved ones, and breaking one’s hip can be joked about and smiled through.  This give me hope for myself, and ultimately, for the human race.

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