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Acting Nobly in the Face of Disaster

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You may or may not be aware that wildfires have been ravaging Texas.  Over 700 homes have been destroyed since last Sunday, and there have been 2 causalities to date.   It is the worst fire season in state history, and though the firefighters are doing a valiant job, the fires are still burning, and weather conditions are perpetuating the blaze.

One girl, whose family lost their home, had an extraordinary reaction to her loss.  She created a Facebook page to help all the victims of the fire.  She’s calling it “The Gift Card Project,” and this is her goal:

This page is an attempt to help while being so far away. If you can afford to purchase a Gift Card for a family in Texas that has lost everything please message this page and an address will be given to you with a requested store for the gift card.My family lost everything and it’s a painful reality that so many are going through right now in Texas. This is an effort to help while I am in NY.

This is truly an amazing reaction to a devastating loss.  She has acted nobly and charitably at a time when it would be completely reasonable to be overwhelmed and immobile.  Instead, she has created a vehicle to help all those who are suffering.  Amazing.

If you’re not on Facebook and would like to help out, contact me and I will forward your email address to her.  Tizku l’mitzvos, and may we all have relief from tragedy very, very soon.

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3 thoughts on “Acting Nobly in the Face of Disaster

  1. Dealing with insomnia (it’s a rare thing) I end up spending a lot of time googling. I came across this and smiled. Thank you for the kind words and sharing this information when it was needed. I hope this message finds you well. :-)

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