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Rosh Hashanah Cards Giveaway!

I love getting cards in the mail.  When I see an envelope addressed to me (and that it’s not a bill or donation request), I get really excited.  In this day and age of quick results and instant gratification, there’s something touching about someone taking the time to pick out a card, write a thoughtful note and send it in the mail.  Even if it’s just a perfunctory thank you card, I still appreciate it.  It’s a simple way to make someone’s day (mine, at least).

Rosh Hashanah is fast approaching (sorry to all of you who would like to stay in denial), and in addition to doing teshuvah, giving tzedekah, and asking forgiveness, some of us also like to send Rosh Hashanah cards out to friends and family.  Some of us (cough cough me) are not that organized. But I LOVE the idea of it.

That’s why, when Greeting Card Universe contacted me about doing a review of their cards, I was intrigued.  I went to their site and checked out their selection, which is really astounding.  They have 177 Rosh Hashanah cards, ranging from traditional to cute to contemporary.  I ordered my cards on Wednesday and received them Friday.

aren’t they lovely?

The cards are beautiful, and great quality.  Some are matte, others glossy.  When ordering them on their website, you can choose to customize the message and have the card shipped directly to who you want (which is great if you have a tendency to procrastinate).  The cards come with envelopes at no additional charge.  The customer service has been fantastic as well.

Pricing is comparable to what you would see in a regular store.  All the cards I ordered were priced at $3.00.  A bonus of ordering at Greeting Card Universe is the specials. For instance, over the Labor Day weekend, all the cards were selling for $1.99.  Right now, through September 18th, you can get free shipping if you order 5 cards or more by using the code:  GCUSHIP5. 

Here are the cards in more detail.  I’ve included the inside text in the captions.

inside: L'Shanah Tovah!
inside: Wishing the new year brings you prosperity, peace, happiness and joy
inside: Wishing the new year brings you prosperity, peace, happiness and joy
inside: May this Rosh Hashanah and the year ahead be full of much good health, happiness and success for you and all your loved ones. Happy New Year!
inside: Wishing you a bright and beautiful Rosh Hashanah and year ahead filled with many blessings, good health and happiness. L'shana Tova!

To enter this giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment below with which card of the five displayed in this post you would like, and a reason why.

If you want another entry, you can subscribe via my RSS feed or email, and then leave a comment to that effect.  If you already subscribe, you can leave a comment saying that.

If you want yet another entry, you can like my Facebook page, and, yes, leave a comment that you did so.

If these cards are not your style, by all means, go and visit Greeting Card Universe and check out their wide array of choices.  With all those cards to pick from, I imagine that anyone would be able to find an appealing card.

Also, if you’re the type to send out cards with a picture of your family, then you should definitely check out the deal over at  Kosher on a Budget.

This giveaway is open to all my readers over 18 years old in the USA, begins today, and will close on Sunday, September 18th, at noon, EST.  Maximum three entries per person.  The five winners will be selected randomly, and will be announced on Sunday, September 18th, in the evening.  I will contact each winner via email to obtain a shipping address. 

L’Shanah Tovah!

Greeting Card Universe sent me five free cards, but beyond that, I didn’t receive any compensation for running this giveaway.  My opinions about greetings cards and their niceness are entirely mine.  Links to are affiliate links, and if you order from that link, I do benefit.  For more information on affiliate links, you can read my Disclosure Policy.

23 thoughts on “Rosh Hashanah Cards Giveaway!

  1. May this be a sweet and fruitfull newyear, the one w/ the tree…..thats the one i like best, because its pretty and can be given to any of my friends or family regardless there level of frumkit ;)

  2. I love that first card with the tree on it. It’s the perfect symbol of fall. I was just realizing this weekend I need to get busy with my Rosh Hashanah cards. Thanks for the reminder! Hard to believe it’s not too far away.

  3. I like the gray card with the pomegranates at the top; I just do. I love pomegranates.

    I already like your fb page and am subscribed by email. Hope you get a lot of entries, and I will pass it along!

  4. My fav is the grey L’shana Tova card with the pomegranates – why? I’m a sucker for pomegranates! I wish we could see more designs incorporating them in the USA…I’d actually love to get some fabric with pomegranates…hmm.. maybe I’ll make Eliana a skirt with some cute pomegranate fabric for Rosh Hashana…now I’m off to do some online shopping!

  5. I like the third one (brown with tree), but I would like it soooo much more if it came with a personalized message from a friend. ;-)

  6. I would want to say the one with the bees, because after all we do have a Devorah :) but honestly, I like the one with the pomegranates the best!

    And Rivki – isn’t this a bit commercial for you? Cute idea though…

  7. I love the 2nd one! so simplistic and beautiful. you get the wishes in a clean and clear way! I would love to get that in the mail myself!

  8. i actually like them all, but the red and grey pomegranite one stuck out because i love the color combination, although the message in the bee one is so beautiful and totally what i would love to wish on all my friends and family! sending out rosh hashana cards is tradition for my sis and im always tring to trump her!! lol we joke about it every year..but as much as i try, she always wins!! for once i’d like to beat her and have a cuter card:)

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