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Winners of the Rosh Hashana Card Giveaway

Wow, that was a lot of fun!  Thanks to everyone who participated in my first-ever giveaway.  The five winners are (drumroll, please):

Rivky W., who said “I like the first one.  Those are great colors.”

Tiffanie Marine Moss, who said “My fav is the grey L’Shana Tova card…”

Sarah, who said “I like the third one (brown with tree)…”

Shandel, who said “I like the one with the apple and bees. ”

Elana, who said “I love the last one.  It’s bright and cheerful…”

Congrats to all the winners!  I’ve sent you all an email, so please respond quickly so I can send you your card.

If you didn’t win a card, you can always pop on over to  Greeting Card Universe, where you can still get free shipping if you order 5 cards or moreUse code GCUSHIP5.  It’s only good through today, September 18th.

Thanks again to everyone who entered.  If you want to stay updated with what I post here on the blog, as well as be informed of any upcoming giveaways (there definitely won’t be any until after Sukkos!), you can subscribe to my RSS feed, email, or “like” my Facebook page.

Shana Tova everyone!

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