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Day To Disconnect Review

Last Sunday, Tzom Gedalia (October 2nd), I participated in the Day To Disconnect, a movement to encourage people to put down their tech and connect with people the old-fashioned way, face-to-face.

I decided to share my experience with a vlog!  The sound quality is not as great as I would like; apologies for that.  I’d like to make it better next time (anyone with that kind of tech savviness, I welcome all tips and pointers!  Please contact me).


As an addendum, this is one of the things my baby was up to when I was making the video.

some good ol' destruction while mom is occupied

Taking time to be creative is totally worth having to put those books back on the shelf.

I don’t get any compensation for plugging Day To Disconnect except the warm fuzzy feeling that I’m helping promote a good cause.

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22 thoughts on “Day To Disconnect Review

    1. Rivki!!!! That was a super awesome vlog! I miss you guys! Dovid Eliezer is so big! I can’t stop ending my sentences with exclamation points!!!! Anyway, you are a super awesome rockstar mom and I’m so glad I got the chance to learn from/with you! Shana Tova!

      1. Thanks! You can join Exclamation Marks Anonymous with me, since I also end most of my sentences with exclamation marks! It’s amazing how big DE is, I know. I miss our lessons. :( Come to Baltimore!

    1. So true – my creativity is definitely distracted by the internet, which is a problem. I really appreciated having the headspace this past Sunday.

  1. absolutely adorable. Moshe needs to be in the next one. I’m hanging out with Reena while watching it. She asked who it is and I said “my friend Mrs Silver”. She said “MRS SILVER IS AWESOME!”.

    1. No promises on Moshe for the next one – that’s some serious logistics we’re talking about. Thanks for the compliment from Reena! So sweet!

    1. Thanks, my former fellow soviette. Back atcha. I can’t remember – were we in Dr. Moore or Dr. Smith together? Feels like EONS ago.

  2. I enjoyed that so much! Thanks for sharing your beautiful creativity!

    I have to say, having never actually met you in person, your voice is higher than I was thinking it would be. Isn’t it funny, the things we picture in our head? DE is absolutely gorgeous! I loved in the outtake when he came up to the piano, looked up and you and just had the sweetest little grin. I love it!

    1. I’m so glad! My voice sounds higher on the recording than it does in my head, so maybe we’re imagining the same voice for me. :)

      DE is a ridiculously cute baby. I love that kid.

  3. A Gut Yor!! Wow, that blew me away! It’s so beautiful…and catchy! It’s especially nice to see you and Dovid Eliezer because we miss you. My older brother, who is musical, used to sit me down by the record player (remember those, people?) and explain the transition, coda, etc. I was in junior high and very impressed with his knowledge, of course. It’s funny when I hear some of those songs now (like Chicago’s hits), I think–“there’s the transition.” I wouldn’t notice otherwise.

  4. Watching this while my husband and our neighbor are putting up our sukkah . . . thought you’d appreciate. Anyway, how fun to see you and HEAR your voice! Great points . . . I wish I disconnected more . . . I know I need to.

    1. Yay for sukkah building! And for helpful neighbors. It was tremendously enjoyable making that vlog; glad you enjoyed it! I think most of us struggle with disconnecting. It’s a peculiar challenge, but definitely work working on. That said, I really need to get some things done around the house…

  5. Wow, just saw this post (I think I took Day to Disconnect way too seriously, I haven’t been on in forever!). You look amazing, DE is adorable (b”H) and you’ve just inspired me to clean all the junk off my piano and play again. Thanks!

  6. Hi Rivki,
    Glad I wandered over here and listened to your wonderful piano playing. I don’t think that in the six years I took piano lessons I ever learned those terms, seriously! Just a lot of thundering up and down the keyboard! Very nice to put a face to the blog!

    1. Hi Linda! So nice to see you over here! I think I learned those terms in theory class, probably in college, so don’t worry, your piano lessons weren’t lacking. :)

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