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Cook Kosher Guest Post

There are a number of yummy kosher recipe sites out there, and I’m happy to have written a guest post for Cook Kosher.  This site is really attractive, has a great interface, and, most importantly, has lots of delicious recipes.

Remember when my oven was out of commission?  My post is about what I learned during my month of stove-top cooking.  Go read and enjoy!




6 thoughts on “Cook Kosher Guest Post

  1. Tried to leave a comment over there, but they make you sign in with an account on their site. Otherwise–very nice looking site. Anyway, I can’t imagine a month without the oven! Just keeping things warm would drive me crazy as when all the burners are on my kitchen is SO hot. The zucchini looks interesting! Very creative with the mint. I love mint in Israeli salad, actually.

    1. yeah, I’m not a fan of the sign-in-to-leave-a-comment thing anywhere, really. It was a long month, that’s for sure. Mint in Israeli salad sounds yummy!

    1. Wow, I think I would definitely prefer no oven to no stovetop! Did the previous neighbors have an electric range? We have one of those in this apartment – it’s the first time in my married life w/o a gas range, and I actually like it! Who knew?

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