Review and Giveaway of Chanale’s newest CD

I love Chanale Fellig’s  music.

When I heard that she had released another CD, I wanted to get it.  And then I dawdled, and things came up, and we moved, and, well, I didn’t buy it until a week and a half ago.  And what a shame that I waited!  It’s a fantastic album.  I had the luxury of listening to it straight through when I took a road trip to DC last week.  I was totally singing along at the top of my lungs.

This album, Taking Over My Heart, has the distinct flavor that I’ve come to associate with Chanale’s music. It exudes a realistic kind of positivity.  She’s able to capture some of the really human moments in life as well as reminding me of what I strive to be like.  And her music is foot-tapping, sing-along good.  The choruses are the kind that get stuck in my head and I’m happy about it. The positivity, balance, spirituality, the encapsulating of life’s experiences and the catchy melodies.  It’s all there, and it’s good.

She has an amazing ability to write lyrics which go straight to my heart.  It’s rare that I’m able to listen to one of her albums without welling up at least once (and usually more).  This album is no exception.

The songs are balanced between singing about Jewish motherhood and about Jewish life in general.  Tracks 1,2,4, 8 and 9 have a strong lyrical connection to motherhood and its beauty, quirks and challenges.  As a mother, I connected to many of the messages Chanale included in those songs: the wonder, the joy, the all-consuming experience that motherhood is.  The songs made me giggle, nod in agreement, and get all emotional.

The other half of the album connects to the desire to be in Israel, the radiance of inner beauty, the connection to family and previous generations, the reality of Hashem’s brachos in our lives, and the ebb and flow of life.  Those are themes that I think most Jewish women can relate to, and Chanale expresses them beautifully.

Musically, I love all the different textures, instruments and effects.  There is definitely a continuity to it, but there is also a nice variety between the songs.  Some are a little edgy, some a little country, and some are just good ol’ rock.  The arrangements are also excellent, with an attention to musical detail that I, as a musician, greatly appreciate.  There is an allowance for space and silence in between lots of jamming and rocking out.  The production quality is also high, which allowed to me experience the music more fully.

Finally, the packaging is gorgeous.  A nice insert with beautiful photography, lyrics (I love that), and sweet acknowledgments.

What’s even more exciting than this CD’s release is that I am giving TWO CDs away!  For free.  That’s right.  The perfect Chanukah gift?  Perhaps.  You can go to and listen to snippets of the album’s songs, if you like.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, saying why you love listening to music.  If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can share this post on Facebook, and leave a separate comment to that effect.  Ditto for Twitter, just tweet and leave a separate comment that you did it.

You can enter until midnight on Sunday, the 25th of December.  I will contact the winners via email as well as do an announcement post on Monday the 26th.

Also, if you want to keep up with the latest posts, or whenever I do another giveaway, you can always subscribe via email or RSS.  Or follow me on Twitter.  Or like my Facebook page.  Lots of options here!

Just FTR, I’m not getting anything from this giveaway except the warm fuzzy feeling of sharing good music and supporting a talented musician. 

41 thoughts on “Review and Giveaway of Chanale’s newest CD

  1. I have always loved to sing and cook. I enjoy listening to music while I’m cooking because it keeps me upbeat and on task. I also love to sing along to CDs anywhere for the same reason. Chanale is my favorite female artist. Her songs are amazing and true to life.

  2. I love listening to music because it makes me happy and helps to pass the time when I am busy doing things I am not crazy about. I usually put on Pandora while making dinner, and so that there is something upbeat playing when the kids come home. It helps me greet them with warmth and exuberance :)

  3. i love putting on music in my house as it gives a positive energizing feeling…and when i’m in the car myself there is nothing better than singing along!

  4. I love listening to good music when I clean my house. I turn the music blasting, and it aides me in my work. I also love having background music at home, since it uplifts the mood in our house. My children love music and we dance together, which makes it that much more fun!

  5. I love listening to chanales music and try to connect with it! As soon as i put it on the lively beats put me in a great mood.

  6. Music has the most calming effect on the mind and body.
    What a gift.
    And I *adore* giveaways!!!
    Thanks for running this one.
    Happy Chanukah!

  7. Would love the cd – bought one, but ended up giving it to a friend and haven’t gotten around to buying my own yet. Music helps me fly around the house and keep accomplishing…

  8. I just found Chanale’s blog today and just fell in love with her music! I’d be honored to win one of her CDs. Plus she seems like an awesome person.

  9. Music is one of the greatest ways of making slow days go faster. :) I love when I can sing along to something and make my baby happy all at the same time!

  10. I love listening to music because music is the language of the soul. Chanale’s music, in particular, speaks very strongly to my soul. In your review, in my opinion, you captured everything about her CD perfectly. Thank you so much and I would love to share it on my status.

  11. Music makes me feel happy and postive..I enjoy listening to the lyrics and see how many songs can be applied to life…PICK ME PICK ME I never win anything

  12. I love how music transports me back to another time. There are songs that take me back to getting ready for my very first date, songs that take me back to when I was eight and on a family road trip, songs that take me back to the day I made aliyah. Nothing quite like it.

  13. I didn’t always like listening to music, then I discovered yeshiva boys choir first music video kol hamispollel and i became hooked on Jewish music.
    I love how when I put my iPod headphones in it’s as if I’m in another world, a world created by my music.

  14. Music brings me to a place where I couldn’t otherwise go. Also lyrics are the words that I sometimes wish I could say.

  15. Why do I love music ? There is just something when you hear music it touchs a deep part of you in someway – at least for me it does – doesn’t matter what mood i am in there is a song for it – to make me laugh , cry , feel strong or to be inspired –

  16. i love listening to music when i’m working. it helps me move faster. when i’m having a hard day, or i’m down, some songs always give me another boost of strength and bitachon.

  17. A poem, in order to win the giveaway:

    I love Rivki, she’s great.
    I’m sure I would also love Chanale’s CD, if I were to win it :)
    I didn’t say I’m a poet who rhymes.

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