29 Leap Day Wishes

I want to live here, with the camels

Happy Leap Day!

What does it mean to have a day that only happens once every four years?  I don’t know.  I’m too busy to think about it very deeply.  However, as I was driving to pick Little Man up from pre-preschool, I did think briefly about the nature of  repetitive time.

Some things in life repeat in quick succession (laundry, dinner, diapers), and some are more of a special event kind of thing (Yom Tov, birthdays, anniversaries).  There are also things we wish would happen regularly, or at all, but are relegated to our “someday” list.  And what better day to think about someday than Leap Day (okay, that’s a stretch, but let’s just go with it, shall we?)?

In honor of this somewhat special once-every-four-years day, I thought I would make a list of 29 things that I would like to do someday (29 things is kind of a lot; it took a little thinking on my part).

1.  Assemble a Shomer Shabbos and Yom Tov all-women’s orchestra

2.  Really understand how to use a semicolon

3.  Make time for a regular yoga practice (or any regular exercise, really)

4.  Get my clarinet overhauled

5.  Buy a saxophone.  Or two.

6.  Move to Israel

7.  Renew my library books online

8.  Put out a CD

9.  Paint the walls of my house bright, vibrant colors

10.  Buy a house

11.  Really develop one mitzvah until it’s “mine”

12.  Nurse a baby until s/he is at least one year old

13.  Eat breakfast/lunch/dinner without a child on my lap

14.  Learn how to knit

15.  Get back into sewing

16.  Run (or maybe walk) a marathon.  Or a half-marathon

17.  Take my children to see the ocean

18.  Get my Master’s in Music Composition

19.  Be ready for Shabbos by chatzos

20.  Drink 8 cups of water a day (though that may not really be such a big deal)

21.  Have all my children and their (future) families by us for Yom Tov

22.  Read the parsha every week

23.  Say Tehillim every day

24.  Correspond with a pen pal.  Like with letters written in pen and mailed in envelopes

25.  Send pictures regularly to my parents and in-laws

26.  Organize my photos into physical albums

27.  Declutter my home

28.  Practice music every day

29.  Perform in a music recital (that’s my best motivation to practice)

What are some of the things on your to-do-someday list? 


26 thoughts on “29 Leap Day Wishes

  1. I love this post and it really got me thinking! Thank you, Rivki!
    ps What if you set a date for one of these things and put it on your calendar?

  2. I like this challenge! First of all was today YOUR birthday? Or were you just speculating in general?
    Stuff I’d like to do someday:
    Write a book or two or three or more
    Hang pictures on my walls
    Print photos and create amazing albums
    Earn (more) money so my husband could devote at least half a day to learning
    Learn Chumash with Rashi
    Practice reading music so comes easily and naturally (on piano)
    Daven from a siddur total of half hour per day
    Visit sick and elderly people and brighten their lives
    attend OA meetings regularly

    1. I didn’t realize how large of a list it was until I started typing! We can give each other decluttering pointers. Or encouragement. :)

      1. Check out flylady.net

        When I started my blog, my original idea was to make it a record of my journey to de-cluttering my home and organizing my life, but I was quickly bored with the idea (as I am with the tasks in real life). Perhaps that’s why I should… hmmm…

  3. I have so many things on my to do list… some include:
    painting and carpeting my house
    hanging picture on my walls
    take a cruise around the Greek Islands
    organize and file all the papers flying around the house

    1. Kindred spirits, we are. I’m all about doing the bulk of the cooking on Thursday. So the food isn’t as fresh, but my sanity is. :)

  4. If you need a cellist for your orchestra I would be willing (and pleased) to help. I just recently found your blog and I love it! Thank you for writing.

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