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Learn something Jewish – Win an Ipad

I’ve always enjoyed learning,  When I was in seminary, I applied myself vigorously to my studies.  I loved to learn in English, in Hebrew, on my own, with a partner, in class.  Loved it.  I wanted to keep it up forever.  In my innocent, naive single way, I imagined that I would always be able to learn intensely.


Silly me.

4 1/2 years and three children later, I see that it’s not realistic for me, at this exact point in my life, to be cracking open a mikros gedolos and start translating commentary from rishonim.  Maybe some women could do it, but my brain is just not up to it right now.  Maybe in the unforeseeable future.

Without a constant presence of learning in my life, I found that it was difficult for me to stay connected to my spiritual center.  And although I am totally getting spiritual credit for doing things like changing diapers, doing laundry, and feeding my family, those are not exclusively Jewish activities, connecting me more to mothers in general than to my Jewishness.  Not having grown up with Torah values, I need to have refreshers here and there, to remind me of the values which drew me to this lifestyle in the first place.

Enter my friend who let me know that I could learn through Partners in Torah.  And that I could win an iPad.  Or maybe it was the other way around.  I don’t know.  But I signed up for a Partner in Torah, and was matched up with an amazing, inspiring woman.  We learn the weekly Torah portion.  I love it.  It’s great.

As for the iPad, go over to and check it out.  They explain it much better than I can, in my sleep-deprived state.  Basically, sign up to learn something Jewish and you can enter to win an iPad.  But it also dovetails with the Siyum HaShas, and has some nice Jewish Unity aspects to it, so, really, take a minute and go check it out.

For one of my entries into the raffle, I made a video detailing why I’m glad I took the time to sign up for Partners in Torah.  Check it out:

17 thoughts on “Learn something Jewish – Win an Ipad

  1. I especially love the picture of you laughing. lol I got such a kick out of that. It made the post!
    All those “I’m totally going to —— when I’m married with kids” thoughts get a reality check when you are, well, actually married with kids ;) I’ve been giving a lot of thought to Partners in Torah as well, but instead my husband are going a weekly online shuir that’s been really nice.

    1. Ha! Thanks! It’s funny the things we allow ourselves to think when we’re not in that position. Before I had kids I was an expert at childrearing…hahahahaha. A weekly shiur sounds great. Anything regular is healthy, I think.

  2. You crack me up. I, too, love the first picture of you laughing. It completely captures how naive we all were before we arrived exactly where we are presently. I giggled at the idea of receiving “spiritual credit” for changing diapers, too. Lol. I absolutely adore the video. You’re so clever, and your children are just too cute! You seem to be doing very well, even though you are outnumbered by your offspring. You’re such an inspiration!

    I can’t wait to see more pictures of little Naomi Baila. In pink, of course. ; )

    1. I’m telling you, every load of laundry is a gold star on my spiritual chart. A really dirty diaper must be, like, fifteen stars. Thanks for the sweet compliments. Thank G-d, things are going pretty well, considering. I will do my best to get more pictures of the baby girl out there.

    1. I assume you mean while I’m learning with my Partner in Torah, so that’s what I’ll answer. When I was scheduling my chavrusa time, I planned it during the time when my oldest is in school (or camp, at this point), and my middle child is napping. The baby is easy right now, she’s just happy if I’m holding or feeding her. It’s impossible to learn when they’re all up and around, so I don’t even attempt to do that. It doesn’t work, and it’s probably not a great experience for my kids, which is hardly the education I want to give them about learning Torah, right? Right!

  3. Hi Rivki !

    I did really enjoy your post. I don’t have kids yet and I’m not even married but I do think that even after marriage and kids (soon I hope!) i’ll still be able to study Torah regularly but thanks for the heads-up that it might not happen this way :).

    Thanks to you I’ll probably join partners in Torah to reinforce my study.

    Have a wonderful week !

    1. Thanks! I hope you’ll get to learn lots and lots of Torah with marriage and kids (soon by you!). Partners in Torah is a great way to learn. I highly recommend it (but I guess that’s obvious from my post!). :)

    1. Yeah, I find my study habits ebb and flow, and it’s not until I’m in the middle of a study drought that I realize how much I miss it.

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