Baby-Wearing makes things better

wait, is that a baby in your tummy?

It’s been two months since our daughter was born, and the time has been flying!  Wooeee!  To say that I’ve been busy would be an understatement.  A big understatement.  At the end of the day, I basically collapse into bed.

On Sunday we went to a birthday party at Baugher’s Farm.  Only about 50 minutes away, in Westminster, the farm had peach picking, a tractor ride to get to the orchards, and a petting zoo.  It was all free, and beautiful.  Little Man was so enamored with the tractor, he didn’t want to pick any peaches, just wanted to stand there and watch his beloved tractor.  I had to reassure him that the tractor would be coming back to get us after we picked our peaches, and only then would he follow the other kids into the copse.  I wore my daughter as I ran after my boys.


Yesterday we went to Wonder Wednesdays at the JCC.  It began at 4, so around 3:30, I rounded up the kiddos, strapped the baby to my chest, buckled the boys into the stroller, and made the 3/4 mile hike.  When we got there the show was full, and we were told to wait for the 4:30 showing.  We hung around in the nearby gym, and, amusingly (or frustratingly), when it was time for the show, Little Man decided he no longer wanted to see it.


I managed to convince him to “just check it out,” and we stayed for a few minutes.  As we were leaving the building, we got a big treat.  Immediately outside was a police Jeep, with a real policeman.  He had opened the vehicle and was letting kids climb all over it.  Little Man got to sit in the drivers seat and pretend to drive.  He was in little boy seventh heaven.

These were both great activities: We got out of the house, got some fresh air, ran around a little, and, hello, tractor ride AND a police Jeep!  If I wasn’t into wearing my baby it would’ve been a lot trickier, if not impossible, to make these outings.  And that is just one reason I love wearing my baby.

Here’s a post I wrote on baby wearing, for the LadyMama blog, back when Really Little Man was born.  Enjoy!

I’m planning on doing some more posts on Jewish stuff, and I’m looking for suggestions on what you would like to read about.  You can send me an email at marriedlane [at], leave a comment on my Facebook page, or send me a tweet.  I can’t wait to hear your suggestions!  

18 thoughts on “Baby-Wearing makes things better

  1. I LOVE my moby wrap! I tried baby wearing with sling with my first two and absolutely hated it. It killed my back. And when someone gave me a moby wrap with Venzi and my whole world changed! Granted it didn’t cure my bad back/bulging disks, but I was able to actually carry him for some distances until he got to heavy–in which case my husband would carry him. When he got too big we switched to an ergo and WOW! He was such a fussy infant that I did almost everything with him tied to me. I couldn’t have done a thing with the wraps.

    1. I’m amazed at the variety of ways to carry our babies. I’ve been checking out the men tai carriers as of late, though I can’t really justify the expense, what with the two perfectly good baby-wearing thingies I already have. Sigh….

  2. I loved baby carriers when my kids were little. Can you believe that my husband wore the twins at the same time?! He put one on the front and one on the back. I have this mental image of him vacuuming with two baby carriers on erev Shabbos! Of course I had told him it wouldn’t work (I thought the vacuum cleaner noise would bother them, silly me), and he totally rocked it.

  3. I love my wrap. I found instructions on how to make it yourself (just a long piece of fabric, really) and it was so helpful. I rarely used my double stroller (couldn’t fit it through my doorway) so I put Big Girl in the single and wore the baby. Or put Baby in the stroller and let Big Girl walk for short trips. Technically, my littlest one still fits into the wrap, as I run around after her older sister, but we’ve kind of stopped using it. She’s learning to get around on her own and finds it restricting now. I find it’s the most helpful in airports and on the plane, even now. Your Little Man reminds me of my older girl – likes to participate in activities but LOVES to find other interesting things to explore.

    1. I’ve had that double stroller dilemma – it’s a little frustrating. I’ve noticed that I use my wrap when my babies are babies, and not so much as toddlers. And definitely with the airports and going to shul, etc. And the Old City. It was great there, as it’s not the most stroller-friendly location.

  4. Was thinking about you and wondering how things were going. You look great! I think we’ve discussed the babywearing thing before and I could NEVER quite get it. You definitely look like a natural.

    1. Things are fabulous, and thanks for the compliment! I feel like a crunchy earth mama when I’m wearing my baby. Which is kind of funny, since I don’t think I”m so crunchy.

  5. Oh, you’ve been so very busy! I’m glad to hear that things are going so well and yes, amen, and all of the good stuff to the baby wearing!

    {Not something I figured out until baby #2, but once I did – it made such a big difference for all of us! Love!}

    Congrats, again!

    1. Hi Galit! Thanks for the congrats. :) It’s been busy, indeed. I’ve been glad to share my baby-wearing love to one of my neighbors – it’s her third baby. Never too late to learn a new technique for making life easier.

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