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Vetting for Personal Growth

no, this isn’t the self-help book I was talking about.

Do you know that Judaism has its own self-help book?

Do you know where the term “vetting” comes from?

Or why there’s always so much scandal among potential political candidates?

I’m more than thrilled to write about these, and more, in a post, “Vetting for Personal Growth,” over at Partners in Torah (Remember them from this video?).

So head on over and check out what else I have to say about the election year, personal growth and a-ha moments.  If you like what I wrote, why not share it on Facebook, Twitter, or leave a comment?  I’d love your support!  The “like” button is our friend!



4 thoughts on “Vetting for Personal Growth

  1. Your article is really inspiring ! It encourages me to rethink about my whole day and the actions that occured during to know how to do better the next or why I did succeed :).
    Thank you for sharing and I can’t believe you manage to write for another site than your blog with all the things you have to do and the three kids you have to care of :) Kol hakavod !!

    1. Thanks Lucie Esther! I love the concept of cheshbon hanefesh. It’s really amazing. And the writing is either/or. Either I write for my blog, or for another. :) That’s about all I can manage.

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