Mesorah (Jewish stuff)

Giving and Getting Forgiveness

It’s traditional, after reflecting upon our actions this part year, to ask forgiveness of those we’ve hurt.  Honestly, this is not my favorite thing to do.  I find it awkward and embarrassing.  I’m not talking about the “please mochel me” you’ll say to your husband or your best friend.  We know they forgive us for all our little (or big) blunders.  I’m talking about asking forgiveness of that person who you don’t know very well and feel slightly uncomfortable around every time you see her/him because you remember that one time when you said/did that one thing.

Know what I mean?

Awkward to the max = I really procrastinate doing it

Over at Partners in Torah, I have a post about asking for and granting others forgiveness.  They’re both a little tricky to do, but both so worth it, both physically and spiritually.  So head on over there and read all about how to do it, and I’d love if you’d leave me your comments over there.

Also, and very excitingly so, I’ll be doing some vlogs for Parters in Torah.  Me, my laptop, and iMovie?  Oh, the trouble we can get into the fun we’ll have.  Here’s the first vlog, where I tackle the challenge of trying to have it all (spoiler alert:  I don’t think it’s possible).  I would greatly appreciate your input on the vlog.  Thanks!

Have a wonderful new year!  K’siva v’chasima tovah!