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Back in the Saddle After the Holidays – and a Blog Award to Boot

Whew!  Tishrei is now behind us.  As my friend Alisheva over at My Shtub put it so well,

“It is like a tornado that sort up lifts you up,throws you around bit, and sets you down right back in your favorite chair. By the time it is over you feel a bit dizzy and a lot amazed.”

That is definitely how I feel.  When I made dinner last night, it was like, “Oh yeah.  Dinner on Monday night.  I make that.  Huh.”  Getting back in the saddle after the holidays is both familiar and unnatural.  It’s been erev something for about a month, so a plain old Monday night dinner seems unusual, exotic even.  But I feel all charged up from the spiritual whirlwind that is the High Holidays.  

And now we’re in the month of Cheshvan, otherwise known as MarCheshvan.  There are no holidays this month.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  As the Facebuker Rebbe put it (I’m paraphrasing here):  There is such a rush from the High Holidays that it is enough to keep us spiritually charged until Chanukah.  Amazing.

So hopefully I will be able to blog more regularly again.  My schedule has exploded a bit.  I’m now blogging and vlogging over at Partners in Torah, an amazing, amazing organization which matches people up to learn anything Jewish.  Any topic.  If you haven’t ever checked them out, you really should.  I didn’t think I would have time to do a weekly learning session, but a couple of friends nudged me to do it, and I am so grateful!  Really, check it out.

Also, I’m thrilled to be doing things musically (again).  No, I’m not teaching piano lessons any more, but I am getting to play with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra next month.  What?  This.  Also, I’m writing music (and soon, soon, my friend, that clarinet sonata will be done!  Soon!!!!) and playing.  I practiced for an hour today, and my lip hurts.  But it was so worth it.  I played this and this.  It was great.

Something else that has picked back up is my Women Who Inspire Us Series.  I love this series.  We, as women, are pretty much amazing.  Sometimes, in all the hubbub of daily life, this detail can get lost in the shuffle.  So let’s share different tales of inspirational women, to help keep us going, to inspire us to grow more, do our best, make our best even better.  To give us a smile and some hope for the world.  If you want to participate, and I hope you do, just contact me, and I’ll give you the info.

Last week’s post was shared by Antonia Murphy, who is quite an inspiring and accomplished woman herself.  Much to my delight, she gave me the One Lovely Blog award.  Isn’t that sweet?  Thanks, Antonia!  As part of the award, I get to nominate 5 other bloggers, and then say 7 Random Things about myself.  Ready?  Okay.

Five Bloggers You Should Know

My friend and former band sistah Ruchi Koval has a blog called Out of the Ortho Box.  She talks about Orthodoxy in a fresh and intriguing way, and her blog comments are not to be missed.  There are people from all walks, all streams, and no one is being mean.  There is actual dialogue with people who disagree, sometimes quite strongly, but everyone is doing it respectfully.  When does that ever happen?  You have to see it to believe it.

Alisheva at My Shtub is one very talented lady.  She’s crafty, funny, insightful, deep, and her photographs are beyond beyond beyond gorgeous.  You need to see them.  Right now.

Renee A. Schuls-Jacobson has one of the most consistently interesting blogs I’ve seen.  I really, really wish that I had more time to read her blog.  A former teacher and excellent mother, she asks great questions and has great answers, and always entertains.

Nina Badzin is another super blogger.  She just fancied up her site, and it is quite attractive.  She is, among other things, a total Twitter maven, so if you ever have any questions about Twitter etiquette, she is your go-to gal.  She’s written about parenting stuff, Jewish stuff, writing stuff, and more all over the web.  She’s funny, real, and worth a visit.

Mara Strom has helped countless women and families with her amazing blog, Kosher on a Budget.  I’m still learning how to coupon (I think I’m missing that gene, for real), but Mara has saving money down to a science, and she kindly and graciously and expertly shares her wisdom with the rest of us.  The community she has developed around her blog is like a big helpful family.

Seven Random Things About Me

I’m a Gemini with Gemini rising, which makes me something like a super Gemini.  Whatever that means.

In college, I was in a band called Johnny Comrade and the Soviettes.  I was a Soviette.

I was born on Father’s Day.

I once played a piece for clarinet and piano, where I played both the clarinet and the piano.

I was born in Orange County, CA

When I was in kindergarten, my dream was to become a giraffe.  I don’t know where that came from.

I played jazz bass clarinet in a combo in college.  It was awesome.

So, now tell me something random about you!

18 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle After the Holidays – and a Blog Award to Boot

  1. Well, I was just coming over to read your stuff and imagine my surprise when I saw my name listed amidst so many other wonderful women bloggers.! I’m kvelling, and it’s only 7:58 am. I’m excited that you have revived your series on Women Who Inspire Us. I think you know you inspire me! And you are right about Ruchi and Nina.

    Obviously, I need to check out Alisheva and Mara. Can’t wait! Glad to hear you are playing and composing again! FANTASTIC!

    You just reminded me that I need to pull something out of the freezer for dinner. So thanks for that!

    Have a great day, Super Gemini! ;-)

  2. What a fun and informative post! I, too, am barely back together after yontif, BH. My mother-in-law is arriving for a visit today. Need I say more; I spent yesterday cooking & cleaning like it was yontif! I really wish I was there to see you play with the symphony. I love Brahms; don’t know the other guy–but what a happy, lively piece. Is it hard to play? We are seeing a string trio at the music institute tomorrow night. MIL is taking us backstage because she knows the musicians. Mazel Tov on the well-deserved blog award! I’m looking forward to checking out the others you list. And random facts? I played Pippi Longstocking when I was in third grade in a school play.

    1. yes, the lesser-known yontif that is having relatives over! Enjoy your MIL and all the culture! The piece by Messager (who is definitely not well known – this is the only piece of his I’m familiar with) is a ton of fun to play. Some parts are a little tricky, but all of it is manageable with enough practice. I can see you being Pippi!

  3. Glad you are back to blogging! That’s amazing about the piano and clarinet piece–I can’t even imagine how that would work. And lol on the giraffe dream. That one was set up to fail. :)

    Something random about me: as a kid I was obsessed with collecting insects in jars.

    1. that is an awesome obsession, though maybe not as awesome for your mother… The clarinet and piano piece was really, really simple. Kind of a gag piece written by a composer friend of mine, and meant to be a little silly. There are certain notes on the clarinet that only require one hand, so he stuck to those notes, and I played the piano with the other hand. It was a hoot!

  4. Aw, thanks Rivki! You are so kind – and I’m glad you’re back in the blogging saddle. I will say that the whole “managing three” thing takes some getting used to and your plate sounds very full! But selfishly, yeah, I want you blogging here too :-)

  5. Great post! I already follow three of the five bloggers you mentioned. I’m looking forward to following Renee and Nina.

  6. Oh my, what a perfectly wonderful surprise (on my anniversary :) to read this! Thank you! Btw I’m coming to your neck of the woods in 2weeks for a conference…would love to connect! One of my “back in the saddle” goals is to check out your vlogs. Thanks, Rivki.

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