101 Faces

One of these days I intend to have a serious discussion on the ethicality and sense of posting so much about our children’s lives.

Today is not that day.

Today, I am posting a video that I made from some unique photos that my oldest son took with my phone’s camera.  Instead of getting frustrated at having to delete hundreds of photos from my phone, I looked at it as an opportunity to make some, well, I don’t know if I would call it art, but it was a fun project, whatever you want to label it.

I had been looking for an opportunity to play around with GarageBand, and this presented a nice chance to create something auditory.  Once I discovered that you can alter the duration, pitch and volume of the notes in the green Apple loops …oh boy!  That’s hours of fun right there.  Writing music, or even just modifying and arranging tracks in GarageBand, is something I deeply enjoy.  As much as I love writing with words (and I do), working with music reaches into a completely different space in my mind and soul.  Other bloggers may have a novel as their Work in Progress, but I think I have a CD.  Or a box set.

The music I created mirrors the film.  Just as the camera stills evolve slowly, so does the music.  It starts off in kind of a synth-pop la-la land (that is obviously a technical term I learned while acquiring my Bachelor’s in Music) and it ends up in a sort of jazzy club mix.  I had entirely too much fun creating this, and have decided that I want to make an entire set of music like this so I can work out to something I really enjoy.

I will let you all know when it’s available on iTunes.  Haha.

Have you ever taken a situation which appears mundane and turned it into something creative?  


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25 thoughts on “101 Faces

  1. I don’t know which impresses me more– the elevating of the mundane or the creating of the music! Kol hakavod, Rivki- I find this post to be such a kiddush Hashem in that it shows us how we can use something everyday to create something beautiful, by looking at it with a Torah eye.

  2. Me likes it! I think my favorite part is when it moves into the jazzy section. =) Thanks for posting this! I can only remember using GarageBand once to make some music, and that was years ago. I’ll have to try it again sometime. Thanks for waking the sleeping giant. =)

    1. I like that part, too! I hadn’t intended to lead it down the jazzy alley, and it was interesting to see where the music took me. Happy to wake the sleeping giant, and have fun with GarageBand!

  3. Love this! My favorite pix are at the end–with you the photographer–so sweet. The music would be great for me on the treadmill….just the kind of beat I like. Back in the day, we used to give our kids disposable cameras when we went on outings. It was so fun to see what they chose to photograph. A new perspective.

    1. Those are my favorite, too. He’s a sweetie. I’ll be happy to send you some more songs (when I make them) to use on the treadmill! Btw, I just sent off your MIL’s song yesterday. IY”H, she’ll have it by Friday!

      I love the disposable camera idea. I’m imaging my kids trying to use them – they’re growing up in such a different world, technologically speaking. Whoa.

  4. I LOVE this!!! First of all, your son is super adorable (but you know that already) and the music is awesome – would totally dance to it! But most of all, I love the end with the photos of you two together and you smushing him. I actually let out a audible “awwww” when seeing that. Kol hakavod!

    1. haha, it was a very sweet moment. We were in the kitchen, crouched down near the ground, and my arms were around him. He loves playing with the phone (obviously), and was so tickled when I switched the camera around so he could see us.

      I thought of you when I was making the music. :)

  5. Cool idea! And I have to add, as a person who is operating at just above Luddite stage, I am very impressed that you were able to even make this, timing it perfectly with the music and everything. Well done!

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