Blogging Hiatus

Hi everyone!  It has been a brutal winter in the Silver household.  We have all been sick way too much of the time.  This has led me to mull over the amount of activities I’m involved in (on top of being a mommy to three really yummy little people), and I realized that I am a bit overextended (cough cough, understatement, cough cough).  Some of my friends have asked me how I do everything that I do, and the answer is, simply, I don’t.

So, it’s with no small amount of sadness that I announce my first-ever official blogging hiatus.  I just have to get better, and take care of my kiddos, and while I love blogging and all the amazing relationships I’ve developed with all you awesome people, I need to lay low.  I’ll still be blogging and vlogging over at Partners in Torah and also prepping for the fabulous In Harmony Concert on May 28th, but everything else is going to have to wait.  :(

Here’s to a healthier rest of the winter, and a short hiatus!

15 thoughts on “Blogging Hiatus

  1. Keep well and come back when you can! I know how you feel having gone through my own hiatus last year, albeit for different reasons.
    And yes, your kids are cute!

  2. Feel better! When my boys were little, my elder son and I got sick for a period. We just had to focus on us. 16 years later with my eldest in college and my “baby” going away for the weekend, I feel like a kid again. Take care, and Shabbat Shalom.

    1. Thank you! It’s always nice to hear that someone else had a similar experience and emerged. Enjoy your new kid-like state. If you ever want to come play with babies, we’re here. :)

  3. You get yourself better ya hear? I’m also going through a similar conflict of priorities lately… it’s hard to have so many balls up in the air, and I don’t even have kiddos to run after. Glad you have made this decision <3

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