Capturing the Memories Before They Fly By

Life moves quickly.  I was just making Shabbos and now it’s already time to clean up.  I was just getting married and now it’s been over five years.  My oldest was just born and now he’s a preschooler.  It was just Shavuos and now it’s Rosh Chodesh Tammuz.  It can be dizzying.  But there are still moments where life slows down for just long enough to take in something truly beautiful.  An especially beautiful sunset.  Niagara Falls.  The simple joy in a baby’s play.  Time is suspended as we are struck with awe; a snapshot is created in our minds.  And then blammo!  Back to the frenetic hustle and bustle of daily life.

Galit and Alison have a beautiful blogging tradition of capturing a memory.  They take a picture, and using some of the nice free online resources (I like PicMonkey), add words to the photo to capture the memory.  I love this, because as much as I think I will never forget a particularly adorable phase in my children’s lives, I do.  I forget.  This is a nice way to remember.  Thank you ladies!

memoriescaptured2 memoriescaptured3MemoriesCaptured1

Wouldn’t this be a great idea to put together as an album?  Or a gift to grandparents?  I think so!  Will I be organized enough to do it?  Probably not, but if you are, good for you!  

24 thoughts on “Capturing the Memories Before They Fly By

  1. Tell me about it! My daughter was also just born, now, if I miss a piece of jewellery, or a T-shirt, guess where I have to go looking… Those photographs with words are a great idea! I’m going to check that out. (And make an album for christmas, oh yes… unless I forget… or have other things to do… or…)

  2. I love Alison and Galit’s series, too! Even though I never could figure out how to do the PicMonkey thing, I did win once! I love your beautiful, thoughtful post. And Tech graduates middle school on the 17th. I can’t believe it: four more years and then I have to let him go? Whaaat? How does that happen?

    1. You could totally do the picmonkey. I’d be happy to help. And hello! Graduating middle school! Eek! I’m sure that your nachas will just continue to increase as he matures. sniff.

  3. That’s a cute idea! I am woefully behind in documenting my kids’ lives. I’d probably have to comb back through Facebook posts for cute things they said and did.

  4. Great pictures! Life really does pass by quickly.

    I love the idea to put these together in an album for grandparents (or even family members who live away). That would be so perfect.

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