DVDs for Children – Boon or Bane?

Full disclosure – I never thought that I would use DVDs as a tool to get down-time, or as a way to keep my kids occupied while I get something else done (like play Candy Crush Saga – JUST KIDDING).  Not that I ever judged other mothers who did this (*cough cough*), I just never thought I would need it.  No, no, I was certain that I would have some impressively educational activity planned to engage the minds of my children.  At all times.

**extended eye roll**

The reality of being pregnant with my third child while I had two active little boys climbing all over me was a game-changer in a big way.  In my first post over at Kveller (super excited about that), I discuss how I really feel about letting my kids watch DVDs.  Join me over there and show me some love let me know what you think!


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