Little Kids Eating Healthy? You Bet.

Ah, food.  My baby is currently throwing all the food from her tray to the floor, a sure sign she’s finished with her meal.  Hold on while I take her out and wipe her off . . . okay, thanks.  At fifteen months old, she doesn’t actively care where her food comes from, if it’s local, or organic, or whatever.  Her criteria are basically two points:  1.  Can I eat it?  2.  Can I throw it?

Despite her lack of concern, the food choices I make still have an effect on her.  For breakfast, she ate a challah roll, half a peach (which we picked yesterday at a local farm), and some red and yellow grape tomatoes from the farmer’s market.  When her brothers come down for breakfast, she’ll probably have some oatmeal as well.  And, of course, she had a bottle of milk (that’s currently still on the ground.  Note to self:  pick that up soon).

It’s not always so simple for busy parents to invest the time in preparing healthy, fresh food for our kids, and even more so, to teach our kids about where food comes from.  Over at Local Belle today (you may remember her from her guest post here about Eco Kosher), I talk about taking my children to a farmer’s market, and how that’s one way I’m trying to connect my kids to healthy choices.

See you over there!

Update:  I forgot to announce that the winner of a copy of Mazel Tov!  It’s a Bubby!  is Penina Herskovitz!  Yay for Penina!  I’m sending you an email and you have 48 hours to respond with your address.  Enjoy!