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How Motherhood Has Changed Me

I “met” Meredith when she popped over to my blog one day from SITS.  Her blog, Perfection Pending, is one I can really relate to, as I’ve written more than a few times about coming to terms with my own wonderful imperfection.  So, when I saw that Meredith had a guest post series encouraging mothers to write about how motherhood has changed us, I knew I wanted to participate.  And so today’s post is over at her blog.

It was not easy pinpointing exactly how motherhood has changed me.  Do any of you also feel like you’re still your seventeen-year-old self, just you know that you’re older?  Like, what is your mid-thirties even supposed to feel like?  But I digress.  I feel inherently the same, but at the same time, I can see such blatant differences in the way I react to stressors, in the way I interact with those around me, with myself.  I see how I obsess about different things now than I did when I was younger and less mature (not that I’m always a paragon of maturity, but, you know, experience and time have had some effect).

Thanks so much to Meredith for hosting me over at her blog, and for giving me a chance to sit down and think about how motherhood has helped me grow.  Now go read the post!  Please.