Technical difficulties

It’s very tempting to let autocorrect do its thing. I’m typing this on my phone, as my computer has been very out of commission since Tuesday.

There’s been a call to apple support, the purchase of an external hard drive (a very overdue purchase, honestly. You should all go out and get one of those right now if you haven’t already) and there will be backing up of data and reinstallation of software in the near future. G-d willing, that will solve the problem.

Until them, I’ve been tortured by making the most of my no-laptop life. And after all this time, I thought I’d give you a little update on what was going on. Because, you know, I’m sure you were all wondering.

But typing on my phone is very tedious, and I’m tempted to not go back and correct the many mistakes that happen when typing only with one’s thumbs. It’s only the type-A in me that’s making this post intelligible.

I’m hoping to post soon about all the brilliant insights and deep metaphors I’m having through this experience. Until then, enjoy the start of your summer and, if you want a challenge, meditate on what I really meant by this:

The knotting to dear is dealers le.


2 thoughts on “Technical difficulties

    1. I needed this comment at the time, Nina! Thank you. Most everything was saved, but still, it was not a happy couple of weeks there. I’m so grateful to have first world problems, definitely. But problems are still problems and need to be processed. :)

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