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Introducing: Orthodox Women Talk

Do you remember when I announced the exciting new series where a panel of Orthodox Jewish women will answer your questions about living the life of, you know, an Orthodox Jewish woman?  Well the first post is up over at Keshet’s blog right now!


I am so, so excited to share this with you, and to start a conversation to (hopefully) explore and demystify this often misunderstood and sometimes confusing faction of Jewish life.  I know that before I ever met anyone Orthodox, I had a lot of assumptions, questions, and the like, but it’s not like I could even ever ask anyone.  What was I going to do, go up to someone on the street?  That just wasn’t my style.

This is one amazing benefit of the internet, how it can bring people together who would otherwise not have a chance to interact.

And even now, after living the “Orthodox lifestyle” for about ten years, I *still* have questions about how to manage certain practical aspects, like having little kids and making/enjoying Shabbos (which we’ll actually address in the next OWT post), and how to stay inspired when routine sets in (which we address in part in today’s post).  Just because someone is Orthodox doesn’t mean that they can’t have questions about being Orthodox!

So, on that note, I am really looking forward to our interactions!

Now head on over and check out the first post!  And keep sending in those questions!