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the Best Pregnancy-Related Purchase Ever, plus Round Three of Orthodox Women Talk

{The latest round of Orthodox Women Talk is up over at Rachel Eden’s blog!  We’re talking about our favorite way to infuse our lives with Judaism.  Check it out! } 

It’s eight days ’til my due date.  I’m not really taking this deadline so seriously, as all of my babies have been born exactly a week after my due date.  Because of this, my husband didn’t schedule his paternity leave (they’re giving him two weeks – isn’t that wonderful?) until three days after my due date.  My parents aren’t coming in until six days after my due date.

So, you know, as much as I would love to have this baby already (boy, would I), I’m kind of hoping my birthing pattern holds true!  We’ll see.  Pregnancy is one of those things where I’m acutely aware of how little control I have over anything that’s going on in there (except for, obviously, I can control how healthy I eat and if I exercise, etc. etc.).  Pretty much everything that’s going on inside of me is a big, giant, enormous miracle.

This big, giant, enormous miracle has gotten to the point where I can’t pick anything up off the floor without a significant amount of effort, both with the getting down and the getting up.  As much as I’m trying to be chill about it, I have a certain threshold to how much stuff I can tolerate on the floor.  My mother joked (I think?) that I should get a grabber.  And then a fellow blogger, Vicki Boykis, posted a link to this grabber on her Facebook page.

And I totally ordered it.



And now look at all the things I can pick up!

All the things!  All of them!
All the things! All of them!

So if I do end up being pregnant for another fifteen to eighteen days (that’s the maximum), I will at least be able to save myself from the pain of stepping on any small legos or various other small but dangerous toys.  I am ridiculously excited about this.  Why did I wait until pregnancy number four to purchase this device??!

What’s the best pregnancy-related purchase you’ve made (or have seen someone make?) 

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7 thoughts on “the Best Pregnancy-Related Purchase Ever, plus Round Three of Orthodox Women Talk

  1. That looks like a great idea. I don’t remember it being so hard to pick things up, but then, I only have two kids, so my last pregnancy was just one kid’s toys to pick up.

    1. Yeah, it’s hard to tell what’s making this pregnancy so much physically harder for me – that I have three small children to care for, that I’m in my mid-thirties, or that it’s my fourth one. It’s kind of a toss up. But hooray for grabbers!!

  2. The best purchase I made was a pair of trousers, black, elegant cut, and, instead of zipper and buttons, a sophisticated, elegant-looking, variable lacing system, which made it fit perfectly for a long time of the pregnancy. Those trousers were extremely comfortable and looked so stylish they could be worn at concerts. I got a lot of compliments and was really sad I couldn’t wear them any longer afterwards. (I tried, but they didn’t work for a non-pregnant body.)

    So exciting that the due date is so soon! I hope your timing works out!

  3. The best pregnancy purchases for me are real maternity clothes that actually fit me. You know that feeling when you’ve been hitching your regular skirts over your belly too long and then you finally put on maternity clothes and you feel so free and comfortable? Ahhh the relief.
    Also massive amounts of pillows.
    And tums.

  4. An exercise ball. Not for exercising primarily – LOL – but a chair for work. I worked 8 hour days sitting at a desk and, boy, did my tailbone cry out! My midwife suggested I get one for work and it really made a difference.

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