Of Interest – February

Well, my tips for keeping my sanity while moving only got me so far. I may have kept my sanity, but my body was like, “whoa, hold up!”

so this happened
so this happened

After spending the last week doing little save resting, I feel so much better, thank G-d. Still, I am moving forward with caution and, dare I say, feelings of oldness. Let’s say maturity. Yeah, maturity.

As for what I’m doing to take care of myself, we scaled back showings to only happen on Sundays, and I’ve upped the amount of cleaning help I’m getting, and I’m trying to not overdo it. I’m really trying, guys. It’s hard.

Also, as many wise friends have pointed out, the whole selling-the-house thing is ultimately up to Hashem, not me, not my realtor. True, I need to do a certain amount of hishtadlus, effort, to make the house somewhat presentable, but I don’t need to sacrifice my health to make the house look immaculate. I will take my perfectionism and subdue it. Take that! Yeah!

Now to the point

While I was resting, the latest round of Orthodox Women Talk went up on Rebecca Klempner’s blog. This time, we discussed the amount and types of entertainment we consume, and our reasons for our choices. It was a fascinating question to answer, since this is a topic that I feel somewhat self-conscious about. The disparity between where I would like to be and where I am current holding is a source of conflict for me, though I’ve made strides in my goals in this area.

I also have a new article up on Kveller.com. This one is about the milestones we reach as parents that are vague yet important. Like the “no big deal” and the “what’s a little more balagan” milestones. So go check that out (please).

This article on Tablet about a couple of dynamic women making challah is worth a read. Made my mouth water!

A friend of mine shared a link to this collection of happy structures being demolished. It is a ridiculous as it sounds. The one with the mustache really gets me.

I was moved by this show of solidarity from Norway’s Muslim community, with over a thousand people showing up to form a circle around the synagogue, following an attack in neighboring Denmark.

Rachel Kann has another excellent poem up at Hevria, which you can either read, or you can listen to (which I found extremely satisfying).

~ ~ ~

That should do it for now. I’m going to still be resting up this week, but since I’m, thank G-d, feeling much better, I might be around a little more online. We’ll see.

If there’s anything you’ve found around the internet lately that you’d like to share, let me know! Include it in the comments! There’s so much good stuff out there. Let’s bring it all in. Mmmm hmmmm.


2 thoughts on “Of Interest – February

    1. Sure thing about the OWT post! I’m sorry I didn’t link to it sooner, closer to when it came out. I was completely out of commission that week. Whew! And listening to Rachel is amazing. A completely different experience.

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