Of Interest – March

We’re moving tomorrow.  Tomorrow! So you’re probably not going to hear from me for a little while, because of all the things that are happening in the fairly immediate future.

In the event that you have free time (I can hear all my Pesach-preparaing friends laughing maniacally at that), or if you want to take a much-needed sanity break (always a good idea), here are some things from around the web that I found interesting:

This essay on how to make a marriage work

In college, I would spend hours and hours in a practice room, working out the trickier passages from whatever pieces I was working on. This piece touches on how to make the most of practice time.

Do you snap at your kids when you’re using your smartphone? If so, you’re not alone.

PSA for shopping with babies: Putting the car seat on the top on the seat area or sideways over the basket is not so safe. If your baby is in a carseat, the carseat should go in the basket. But, Rivki, where do my groceries go? If it’s a small trip (hahaha, small trip to the store), you can use the seat area (like in the picture). If I have to do a normal trip, I put the baby in one cart, and the groceries in another. Or I wear the baby. Kind of a hassle, bur way safer.


Green Acres is the place to be. Farm living is the life for me…and, more so, for Tova Kinderlehrer and Micah Simmons, who live on a Farm Schmarm. Yes, that’s its name, which I love as much as I love the concept of an agrarian Orthodox Jewish community.

I apparently won the internet the other day using these tactics.

Miriam Hendeles has some wise words, with a bit of tochachah, for the judgy judgers out there, as they reared their judgy heads following the extremely tragic fire which happened on Shabbos.

Finally, a friend has started an online business, BabyPinch.com, for baby products, green toys, teething necklaces, feeding stuff, baby welcome baskets, and more. She sent me a teething necklace  that I’ve gotten some compliments on (I paid a discounted rate for said necklace, full disclosure). And I made a video review (my baby helped out with that. He’s a helpful baby).

Look for a giveaway of a BabyPinch product sometime after Pesach!

Okay! See you after the whirlwind of the next month or so!

12 thoughts on “Of Interest – March

  1. Okay, so I checked out a few of the links. Ahem ahem! First of all, I loved the review video of the teething necklace. I will go out and buy one right now for my baby! Oops. I forgot – I’m already a grandmother…so maybe a gift for my dil or someone else. Nice idea!

    Okay, next. I loved the link about the practice techniques. It brought back memories of days I’d practice piano and recently my harp. Always good to isolate the areas that are tricky rather than go over the ones where we aren’t making mistakes! Just like in life….how we deal with mistakes is the marker for our successes.

    Thanks for the mention re my link. Hope it wasn’t too “tochacha” – ish or preachy…but I felt it had to be said.

    Good to know about the shopping cart situation — great pictures and graphics. I used to put my kids inside the wagons in their car seats because it just felt safer….I even had walking kids who wanted to sit in the main section – haha. oy. but that’s a whole other parsha.

    Okay – enough with this rambling megillah. On to work and errands…

  2. Interesting links! Good luck, have a (relatively) nice move with everything working out as it was planned!

  3. I can’t believe the day is finally here! You’re moving! I can’t wait to hear about how it is settling in there. I know the next few months will be crazy, but there will be growth there, too. There has to be! What an adventure!

  4. Rivki dear, You must do more video reviews! :) You are very good at this! I will check one for myself as well, looks great! BTW, maavar kal dear and every new beginning is exciting! Remember to ENJOY the ride… :*

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