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Of Interest – June

GUYS!!! My kids are in camp. For the first time since we moved to Cleveland, I have a significant stretch of time where there is this thing called, wait, I can’t quite remember, oh yeah. QUIET.

Though, as much as I may kvetch about how it’s been challenging to do things like go grocery shopping, or hear myself think, I have really enjoyed these past few months with my kids. I’ll probably write about it. Now that I have the time to write.

Today’s post is your monthly collection of things I’ve found around the internet that you may or may not be interested in. It’s a short one this month. Feel free to link to interesting things you’ve seen down in the comments! 

Why is everyone so busy? 

This is a topic I sometimes want to write about, except that it really doesn’t seem so tznius to write about. But, here’s a video which talks about it! Having two beds doesn’t have to be a relic from 1950s television. My quality of sleep is just so much better when it’s just me.

These haikus on McSweeny’s about the SCOTUS marriage decision made me giggle (they’re not really so political, don’t worry).

What if you could go to the library and check out a person? Well, now you can. I love the idea of being able to spend a half hour with someone you otherwise would never interact with. What a way to expand our understanding of different people.

Rebecca Klempner’s sister wrote this thoughtful article a few years ago on the complications of having close friends of the opposite gender. It just resurfaced on Facebook, coming to my attention.

Need a quick, yummy appetizer? Try this.

8 thoughts on “Of Interest – June

  1. Two separate beds is the minimum of comfort. What I really opt for is separate bedrooms. So much more – oh yes, quiet, and so much better sleep.

  2. Yay that the kids started day camp! I can imagine how many clarinet compositions will be written by a certain mommy with *some* quiet time (let’s not get too excited…quiet time flies..) … in the next few weeks!!
    Thanks for sharing the “of interest” links. Always enjoyable.

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